Exploring the Winpact Fermentation System Family

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In the dynamic landscape of bioprocessing and fermentation, the Winpact Fermentation System family has become synonymous with versatility, scalability, and precision. Developed by renowned bioprocessing solutions provider Major Science, the Winpact series comprises a range of fermentation systems designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers and industry professionals. This blog post comprehensively examines the key features, capabilities, and applications across the entire Winpact Fermentation System family.

Winpact Fermentation System Family Overview

Winpact Benchtop Fermentation System:

At the heart of the Winpact family is the Benchtop Fermentation System, an ideal solution for laboratories and research institutions. With its compact design, intuitive user interface, and modular setup, the Benchtop system offers researchers the flexibility to cultivate a variety of microorganisms under controlled conditions. This system is valuable for optimizing fermentation parameters and developing scalable processes.

Winpact Multifermentor Fermentation System:

Designed for parallel cultivation, the Multifermentor Fermentation System takes scalability to the next level. This system allows researchers to run multiple fermentations simultaneously, accelerating screening processes and efficiently comparing different strains or conditions. With advanced process control features, it ensures reproducibility and consistency across various vessels.

Winpact Pilot and Production Scale Fermentation Systems:

Catering to the needs of industrial-scale bioprocessing, the Winpact family extends to Pilot and Production Scale Fermentation Systems. These systems are characterized by their robust construction, scalability, and advanced control capabilities. From scaling up processes developed in the laboratory to large-scale production of pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and more, these systems provide a seamless transition for successful and efficient production.

Key Features Across the Winpact Family

Modular Design:

All Winpact systems feature a modular design, allowing users to customize and adapt their fermentation setup to the specific requirements of their research or production processes.


Scalability is a defining feature across the Winpact family, ensuring that processes developed at the benchtop can be seamlessly transferred to larger scales for pilot and production purposes.

User-Friendly Interface:

The intuitive user interface familiar to all Winpact systems simplifies operation, data visualization, and process control, making it accessible to novice and experienced researchers.

Applications Across the Winpact Fermentation System Family

Pharmaceutical Production:

The entire Winpact family is well-suited for the production of pharmaceuticals, from early-stage research in the benchtop system to large-scale manufacturing in the Pilot and Production Scale systems.

Biofuel Research:

Researchers exploring biofuel production benefit from the scalability and advanced control features of the Winpact family, enabling efficient cultivation of microorganisms for biofuel development.

Bioplastic Production:

The versatility of the Winpact systems extends to applications such as bioplastic production, supporting sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics.


The Winpact Fermentation System family is a testament to Major Science’s commitment to innovation and excellence in bioprocessing technology. From benchtop explorations to large-scale industrial production, each member of the Winpact family plays a vital role in advancing biotechnology and contributing to sustainable and efficient bioproduction methods. As researchers and industry professionals continue to push the boundaries of innovation, the Winpact Fermentation System family remains a reliable and versatile ally in pursuing scientific and industrial success.

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