Lab Monitoring Technology

Lab Monitoring

We have partnered with TetraScience to enable you to monitor what’s going on in your lab from any location. This cutting-edge technology is one of a kind, and now at GMI it is possible to stream live data directly from equipment to your smart phone or tablet.

Our partnership with TetraScience enables you to control your important equipment such as incubators, freezers, fume hoods etc.., and be alerted when they deviate.

Receive real time alerts via text or email and have peace of mind without being tied to the lab with built-in TertraScience Lab Monitoring Technology.

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Lab Monitoring Software Platform

Never again worry about losing valuable data due to an instrument malfunction; we have you covered.  With our Lab Monitoring Technology, you can control and monitor your lab from anywhere and be immediately alerted when anything goes wrong. With the installation of this software you will experience:

  • The ability to set real-time alerts for a variety of parameters (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide)
  • Configure alerts to be sent directly to your phone via SMS text message or email
  • Real time device alarms
  • Ability to review previous experiments or data sets to see if your samples have been compromised
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