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Amazing customer service from start to finish. They responded to my emails very promptly and even had a service tech come out to our lab within a day. We would definitely do business with them again!
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Tara Naman
15:35 21 Nov 18
Both as a Biomed and as an Independent Contractor I have been utilizingthe assistance of Gwen at GMI. She has the experience, knowledge, and skill level to provide great results to solve your instrumentation, parts, or software needs. GMI is the Gold Standard when it comes to customer service. Gwen brings a positive energy that is evident with every transaction that makes you realize how much she enjoys her role with GMI.
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22:47 24 Nov 18
Great customer service, helpful staff and technical support. GMI provided detailed instructions and fair estimates for the equipment service which we required. Service was performed in a timely and seamless manner.
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Jerry Gene
11:13 08 Nov 18
Can't say enough about GMI and their customer support & sales staff. We've done countless transactions with them (new product purchases, selling our old equipment back) and always walk away happy. And their pricing is always sharp! Price and customer service aren't a trade-off here.
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Chris P
19:58 14 Nov 18
I worked with Gwen to sell a couple old pieces of equipment which were just taking up space and collecting dust in our lab. It was super easy to send her pictures, agree on a price, pack up the items and ship them back to GMI with a prepaid shipping label! I strongly recommend this as an option to cleaning out old equipment. It's much better than just scrapping it!!!
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Cris Brown
12:24 11 Oct 18
Needed to purchase a centrifuge rotor for a customer of mine. GMI is a company that I look at first as their inventory is excellent. They had what I was looking for and were able to be competitive with other vendors. All in all, I received the rotor promptly and packed securely. All the people I talked with during this process were helpful and friendly. A combination that can't be beat. The unexpected gift was a nice surprise!
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Greg Gadd
21:46 02 Jan 19
We recently ordered the Universal Image Hood from GMI Labs. We found the system to be the cheapest available option for our purpose. The technical staff came down and helped us with the setup. So far, the system has worked very well and we are extremely satisfied with our purchase.
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Sushmita Nayak
18:43 02 Apr 19
We bought a microplate reader from them- the equipment works great, and the technician they sent out to install it and teach us how to use it was great. My experiment is running very smoothly because of his advice.
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Savannah Branson
21:56 15 Mar 19
The customer service is great to work with and fast on getting back to you. The service on fixing equipment is reliable and done professionally.
photo - Corporate
kim schmedeke
18:38 28 Mar 19
This is company that is proud to of what they are offering. They custom service and technical support are pleasant, respectful, and knowledgeable people. Highly recommending to anyone!!!!!!
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Libuse Brachova
20:03 29 Apr 19
GMI had the best prices on a refurbished FPLC and they gave me a fair value for my trade-in. The salesperson and technician were both responsive and helped explain the different FPLC options very clearly. Have purchased from GMI before and will do so again.
photo - Corporate
Moriah Beck
14:52 12 Jun 19
I liked the communication from beginning to end. They were very prompt with setting up the service date to sending me the paper work at the end
photo - Corporate
Suzanne Nelson
17:51 25 Jun 19
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff, AND they gave us a free upgrade on the equipment we purchased. The sales rep had good information about various brands and assured us that GMI has all parts on-hand for whenever something has to be fixed in the future. The 10+ year old centrifuge we purchased looks and runs like new!
photo - Corporate
Anna Simeon
16:24 28 Jun 19
GMI is very knowledgeable regarding our industry standards and has provided great service and delivery times. I would recommend them highly.Our labs and technicians have never operated so smoothly.Dan MoravecPurchasing Mgr Nemadji Management
photo - Corporate
Dan Moravec
21:15 13 Aug 19
I contact GMI for my company to fix our Gama counter they did a great job
photo - Corporate
Beatrice Germain
16:32 27 Aug 19
The staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. GMI professional staff is great at troubleshooting equipment and sending replacement parts quickly to minimize downtime. I would recommend GMI if you are looking for dependable, refurbished lab equipment with great customer service.
photo - Corporate
Ron Nedrich
17:47 27 Aug 19
GMI gave us excellent service. The gas chromatograph that we purchased was at a price that was a good fit for our budget. Will recommend GMI to others.Randy
photo - Corporate
Randy Bowden
21:42 27 Aug 19
GMI has always provided prompt service and is extremely competitive in pricing and products. We have enjoyed working with the excellent customer service.
photo - Corporate
Denise Cosgrove
14:13 20 Sep 19
We purchased the ST-85G Autoclave from GMI and absolutely love it! Would definitely recommend others to purchase lab equipment from here.
photo - Corporate
Payam Pourtaheri
22:02 23 Sep 19
I first contacted GMI when I was searching for a used biosafety cabinet. The customer service was amazing. They helped me find the one that best fit my needs at a great price. They maintained communication throughout the entire process--ordering, shipping, and even after it was received. Overall, it was a fantastic experience!
photo - Corporate
Kari Severson
14:00 25 Sep 19
I have been a GMI customer for several years and I have always had great experiences with them. GMI has a knowledgeable staff and their customer support is very responsive. Our GMI service technician is one of the best out there and I couldn't be happier.
photo - Corporate
Brian Deis
21:45 26 Sep 19
Very good customer service, easy to work with and received fast response on quotes, sales order acknowledgements and delivery/tracking info. GMI is very dependable and quickly responded to all questions.
photo - Corporate
Doris Gaby
20:31 14 Oct 19
I needed to find a replacement part for an old machine. GMI staff was quick to find the part for me. Their service was excellent.
photo - Corporate
G Ko
22:05 14 Oct 19
I have bought several pieces of equipment from GMI. In each case, my experience was fantastic. The salesperson made sure that he understood my needs and offered alternatives. The equipment arrived quickly and in great condition. I will use GMI in the future.
photo - Corporate
Mark Roberts
17:32 10 Oct 19
I've interacted with GMI with a couple different pieces of lab equipment and they were straightforward and honest throughout the whole process. From receiving multiple quotes to accommodate uncertain funding constraints to a complete Depot/Maintenance service, GMI was quick, courteous, and professional. I plan to be a repeat customer!
photo - Corporate
Brant Bigger
16:41 08 Nov 19
GMI has delivered on time once again. Great selection of UV detectors, and great service too. Will no doubt purchase from again! Thanks again.
photo - Corporate
James Bourque
13:42 11 Nov 19
Working with GMI provided me with a way to exchange equipment we no longer used for equipment that we needed. They are easy to work with, patient, and responsive to our inquiries. Great customer service
photo - Corporate
EMGS mutations
21:15 11 Nov 19
I've worked with GMI a few times this year. I've both bought and sold equipment with them and they always make the process transparent, easy, and efficient. I've found that their pricing is highly competitive too.
photo - Corporate
Katherine Barcay
21:52 04 Dec 19
GMI has great refurbished instruments that last for years. Their staff is very competent and friendly. I strongly recommend GMI to academics. Very competitive price and great quality.
photo - Corporate
Nathalie Wall
16:26 11 Dec 19
From day one, I was impressed with GMI's energetic sales team and competent technical staff. They put forth the effort to understand our equipment needs, brand preferences, and budget constraints. Their commitment to service extended far beyond simply providing our lab equipment; we wanted a 'drop-in' solution to minimize laboratory down-time. GMI met our exacting challenge by coordinating delivery, placing equipment on the lab floor, and performing installation on the day that was specified. It was an impressive feat ... $200,000 of gear, two trucks, six movers, one service engineer all in-and-out within a day. The equipment arrived in great condition, was placed exactly where we wanted it, and was installed and verified for use. When we embarked on building a new lab, we were looking for a vendor, but also for a partner. We found one in GMI.
photo - Corporate
Brandon Doss
18:48 04 Dec 17

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