Osmometry & Isotonic Drink Analysis

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Isotonic is a relative term that describes the solute concentration of a solution as like that of human blood. It is a common nutritional claim familiar to many consumers and is routinely used as a marketing tool for numerous different beverage types (beer, energy drinks, sports drinks, etc.).

Guide To The Perfect Centrifuge For Your Application

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How to Find the Perfect Centrifuge for Your Application & Budget Flawless separation of samples is key to producing stellar quantitative results in various applications including clinical biology, proteomics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and life science. Critical to preparation and extraction of solids, gas, liquid, and other fluid samples in scientific laboratories and research facilities, selecting a […]

Different Methods of Cannabis Testing

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GMI has prepared this simple guide to supplement your understanding on the scientific process of measuring various chemicals and compounds in your cannabis sample.

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