Revolutionizing Bioproduction: GPC Bio’s Fermentation Solutions from GMI

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In the dynamic landscape of bioproduction, GPC Bio stands as a beacon of innovation, consistently delivering cutting-edge fermentation solutions tailored to the biotech industry’s needs. Proudly crafted in France, GPC Bio’s EASY-LAB™, MINIPRO-LAB™, and PRO-LAB™ series represent the pinnacle of customizable, cost-efficient, and intuitive fermentation systems. These solutions are exclusively available at GMI and adhere to CFR21 Part 11 and cGMP standards, ensuring uncompromising quality and regulatory compliance. Let’s delve into the unique features and advantages offered by each of these revolutionary systems:

  1. EASY-LAB™: Simplifying Laboratory Operations

  2. Designed for simplicity and affordability, the EASY-LAB™ system streamlines laboratory-scale fermentation operations. Equipped with essential features for culture control, this system enables researchers to optimize process parameters and achieve rapid results. The intuitive BIOWEB™ monitoring software empowers users to manage cultures, facilitating seamless experimentation and data analysis effectively.
  3. MINIPRO-LAB™ and PRO-LAB™: Seamless Scale-Up

  4. Transitioning from laboratory experimentation to large-scale production is seamless with the MINIPRO-LAB™ and PRO-LAB™ series. These highly flexible systems are engineered to anticipate scale changes, ensuring smooth operation at every stage of bioproduction. Built upon industrial bioreactor principles, they offer easy setup and integration, supported by the user-friendly C-Bio 2™ operator interface.
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Key Features

  • Customizable configurations tailored to specific application requirements.
  • Cost-efficient design without compromising performance or quality.
  • Intuitive software interfaces for effortless control, monitoring, and data recording.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards, including CFR21 Part 11 and cGMP guidelines.
  • Seamless scalability from laboratory research to large-scale manufacturing.
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GPC Bio’s fermentation solutions, available exclusively through GMI, herald a new era of efficiency and innovation in bioproduction. Whether conducting research in a laboratory setting or scaling up production in an industrial facility, these systems provide the tools needed for success. With their innovative features, cost-efficient design, and intuitive software interfaces, GPC Bio’s EASY-LAB™, MINIPRO-LAB™, and PRO-LAB™ systems empower researchers and manufacturers to achieve their goals confidently. Experience the future of bioproduction today with GPC Bio’s revolutionary fermentation solutions, available exclusively through GMI.

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