Common HPLC Problems and Solutions with GMI Service Support

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High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a vital analytical technique utilized across various industries, each with unique challenges. At GMI, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal HPLC performance for our clients. Our service department is committed to providing comprehensive support to address common HPLC problems effectively. In this guide, we’ll explore these issues and highlight how GMI’s service department can assist in resolving them.

Peak Shape Distortion

  1. Problem: Irregular peak shapes can compromise the accuracy of HPLC results. These issues often stem from column degradation, sample overloading, or improper solvent selection.
  2. Solution:
    • GMI’s service department offers thorough column inspections and replacements, ensuring optimal chromatographic performance.
    • Our experts guide sample preparation techniques and solvent compatibility to prevent peak shape distortion.

Baseline Drift

  1. Problem: Fluctuations in the baseline signal can obscure peaks and affect data interpretation. Baseline drift may result from solvent impurities, detector instability, or inadequate equilibration.
  2. Solution:
    • GMI’s service technicians regularly maintain detectors, ensuring stable signal output and minimizing baseline drift.
    • We advise on solvent purification methods and equilibration protocols to achieve a stable baseline for reliable analysis.
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Retention Time Shifts

  1. Problem: Variations in retention times can impact the reproducibility of HPLC results. Factors like column aging, flow rate changes, or temperature fluctuations contribute to retention time shifts.
  2. Solution:
    • GMI’s service team conducts retention time marker tests and provides column replacement services to address retention time shifts effectively.
    • We recommend flow rate and temperature control strategies to maintain consistent chromatographic performance.

Poor Peak Resolution

  1. Problem: Inadequate separation between peaks compromises peak identification and quantification accuracy. Poor peak resolution often arises from suboptimal column selection or mobile phase conditions.
  2. Solution:
    • GMI’s service experts assist in selecting the appropriate column and optimizing mobile phase composition to enhance peak resolution.
    • We offer guidance on sample purity improvement techniques to minimize co-elution and improve peak separation.

System Leaks

  1. Problem: Leakage in the HPLC system can lead to loss of mobile phase, column inefficiency, and sample contamination. Faulty fittings, damaged tubing, or degraded seals are familiar sources of leaks.
  2. Solution:
    • GMI’s service department conducts thorough system inspections and leak tests to identify and rectify any sources of leakage.
    • Our technicians provide replacement parts and expert guidance on proper system setup and maintenance practices to prevent future leaks.


At GMI, our service department is dedicated to supporting our clients in maintaining optimal HPLC performance. We ensure our clients can achieve accurate and reliable analytical results by addressing common HPLC problems such as peak shape distortion, baseline drift, retention time shifts, poor peak resolution, and system leaks. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, GMI’s service support is an invaluable resource for laboratories seeking to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their HPLC systems.

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