The Multi-Wiper Series

Looking to make your facility more efficient?

The Multi-Wiper Multi-Well Wipe Counters are the fastest way to process your wipes. Finish 30 wipes in about 3 minutes.

Save time and MONEY with Multi-Wiper.

  • Comprehensive wipe testing with concise report in DPM
  • Available with 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 or 10 wells; choose a model to fi t your budget.
  • Automatically identifies isotope window where high counts fall
  • Pass/Fail based on user-programmable trigger levels
  • Heavy shielding for low background readings
  • Automatically calculates and reports MDA on each wipe test report
  • 4096 channel (12 bit) analyzer for precise isotope identifi cation
  • Automatic linearity correction
  • Automatic DPM calculation with AutoSpect™ ( No sources needed)
  • Exceeds all NRC and Agreement State Regulations for patient access areas
  • Tremendous labor savings
  • Very compact (occupies less than 20 inches of benchspace)
  • Very economical
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