The Genesys Genii Series

Designed for the medium to larger size clinical or research laboratory, these units have a number of unique features.

  • Detectors – Well-type, NaI(tl) crystal(s) coupled to high gain photomultiplier tube(s). Contains removable plastic liner(s). Greater than 80% efficiency for I125 and Co57.
  • Background – Less than 45 cpm for I125 window
  • Isotopes – I125, Co57, I125/Co57, plus user programmable windows up to 1000 KEV. Simultaneous counting of dual isotopes.
  • ADC – 4096 channel analyzer for extremely accurate calibration and counting. Live real-time isotope spectrum display.
  • Data Reduction – All RIA, IRMA, Ratio and screening assays may be performed. Curve fits include: Point-to-Point, Straight Line, Weighted Straight Line ,Cubic Spline and Four Parameter Logistic.
  • Calibration – Automatic detector high voltage calibration.
  • Display – Backlit LCD (4.5 inch diagonal) for graphical display of curves, L-J Charts, Isotope spectra, etc.
  • Software – Menu-driven, easy to use software integrates the display and alpha numeric keypad.
  • Dimensions – 20 inches width x 13.5 inches depth x 10.5 inches height Weight – 88-92 lb. (depending on the number of detectors)
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