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Innovative, cost effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results.

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High quality autoclave sterilizers for any application

2 year factory warranty on all Benchmark sterilization

Cost effective products and solutions for every application

Unmatched product knowledge and service competency

BactiZapper Research MicroSterilizers

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Micro Bead Research Sterilizers

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What our customers are saying

Excellent customer service all around with helping choose the right equipment, delivery, and installation. I could not have asked for a better experience!

Tina Davis

GMI is my first stop for all laboratory equipment when I need the order to be right and delivered fast. Their customer care is unmatched in the industry.

Robert Brodnick

Top notch customer service and vast selection of inventory. Highly recommend.

Ross Jordan

Staff was very helpful with making this purchase, it was very easy to get a quote at a great price! The equipment we got arrived quickly and was in great condition, and reps followed up quickly to make sure everything was in order. I would be happy to work with GMI again!

Morgan Woolf

They are experts in the field – I wouldn’t trust our business with any one else.

Chelsee Strojny

GMI has always provided prompt service and is extremely competitive in pricing and products. We have enjoyed working with the excellent customer service.

Denise Cosgrove

Featured Products

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Micro Bead Research Sterilizer

  • Sterilizes forceps & other research tools (generally in 15 sec.)
  • Digital control, up to 300°C
  • Eliminates the danger associated with open flames
  • TALL model, for sterilization of larger objects
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BactiZapper Research MicroSterilizers

  • Complete sterilization of loops and tube mouths
  • XL version for sterilization of larger vessels
  • Tilt adjustment for ergonomic positioning
  • Safe, convenient and no spatter
  • Eliminates the need for an open flame
  • Ideal for research laboratories
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