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Pesticide Residue Analysis with HPLC

Pesticides GenImage2 1380x800 - Pesticide Residue Analysis with HPLC

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has emerged as an essential tool for food analysis in the intensifying world of industrial agriculture. Intensive farming is subject to strict product quality and regulatory standards. This ensures that crops are free of contaminants, within acceptable limits, and are nutritionally valuable to a worldwide market. The underlying dichotomy of health […]

Using HPLC to Combat Food Fraud

which cooking oils are healthiest entity 1320x720 1 - Using HPLC to Combat Food Fraud

Food fraud is a broad term that refers to any deliberate effort to compromise the quality of consumer products by intentional addition of sub-par ingredients, substitution for another product, misrepresentation of ingredients or qualities, or general tampering. It is an unusual form of adulteration that has been at the heart of numerous food-chain scandals since […]

Osmometry & Isotonic Drink Analysis

Sliding Headers 1400x492 - Osmometry & Isotonic Drink Analysis

Isotonic is a relative term that describes the solute concentration of a solution as like that of human blood. It is a common nutritional claim familiar to many consumers and is routinely used as a marketing tool for numerous different beverage types (beer, energy drinks, sports drinks, etc.).

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