Purchasing Used Lab Equipment That Won’t Cost You Later

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There are many reasons to consider purchasing pre-owned lab equipment, including environmental benefits and lower cost. Unfortunately, upfront savings may be lost if the instrument or equipment is in poor condition, or is at the end of its life cycle and necessitates costly repairs or disposal. Asking a few quality questions to ensure you are working with the right company prior to purchase is important to ensure upfront savings aren’t lost to additional costs.

Purchasing from a reputable reseller is the first, simplest way to ensure quality. Thirty-day money-back guarantees provide some assurance that the equipment is in good working order, but be sure to confirm the policy with the reseller prior to purchase. It may be worth considering an extended warranty or service contract. 

Some resellers are simply that… re-sellers.  They spray some windex on the instrument, power it up, and slap a 30-day warranty on it.  When working with a reseller, you MUST check their online reviews and ask for customer references.  This is vital to mitigating the risk of purchasing used equipment.  This will help you find a partner, not just a vendor.  

It is also important to understand how long the company you’re talking with has been in business.  This will help separate the jokers operating from their garages from the legitimate companies with a full team and facilities.  

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GMI Certified Pre-Owned Centrifuges

Our engineers are OEM factory trained by some of the top manufatcurers in the industry (Beckman, Thermo, etc…).  Simply put, no one does centrifuges better!  From benchtops to ultracentrifuges, GMI has you covered.  We also offer preventative maintenance and service contracts! 

Certified Pre-owned Centrifuges

Be fully transparent and have a conversation with the reseller about the specific application and conditions under which the instrument will be used.  This is a great way to test the legitimacy of the company you are working with.  They should take a consultative approach to understand your needs and marry them to the perfect instrument for your application.  

It is also important to consider whether the equipment will easily integrate into the existing laboratory setup. If the lab equipment will be used along side existing lab equipment, confirm with GMI and possibly the original manufacturer regarding compatibility. This will help avoid any communication issues.

While the age and “milage” of the instrument is important, it’s not a significant factor in determining if the instrument will be a fruitful investment.  For example,  many chromatography systems last for decades when maintained properly.  GMI re-certifies instruments back to factory standards down to the component level.  This means it will look and operate as if it was brand new.  If you select the right partner, the age of the instrument is not a significant factor. 

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Re-certified FPLC
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Re-certified hplc
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Re-certified PCR

To summarize, please consider the following when evaluating your used lab instrumentation options:

  • Do your homework on who you are purchasing from.  Read online reviews and ask for customer references.
  • Understand who are the technicians re-certifying the instrument and their re-certification process.
  • Is the instrument you’re purchasing compatible with the other instruments in your lab? 
  • How long will the company you’re purchasing from be able to support the instrument you’re purchasing.  
  • Be transparent and ask questions about the instrument’s ability to work in your application.  This is a great way to test the knowledge of the sales rep or technician with whom you are working.  
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