Techne TC-PLUS (TC-5000 Plus) PCR Thermal Cycler

  • The Techne TC-Plus has a colour touchscreen for fast program setup
  • TERSTM Thermal Energy Recovery System (patent pending) to reduce operational costs
  • Stackable design to save on valuable bench space
  • Satellite option which can be controlled by either the TC-PLUS or a PC
  • Unique easy to use CD-type sample drawer mechanism (patent pending) which provides the correct pressure for use with caps: domed or flat heat OR adhesive seals all without the use of a motor
  • Tm calculator which uses the Nearest Neighbour algorithm
  • Fast ramp rate of up to 5°C/sec
  • 4-year warranty (4-year warranty with blocks having a 4-year or 100000 cycle warranty ? whichever comes first)
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