Membrapure ARACUS Amino Acid Analyzer

      • Compact design with three individual units:
      • AutoSampler
        • Space with 2 sample racks for 2 x 48 1,5 ml
        • Cooling to 4°C by Peltier elements
        • Sample dosage: 20 µl or 1-25µl
      • Main Unit 
        • Double piston pump ; each piston operates one separate fluidic line (buffer line and reagent line)
        • column heating system; temperature range 20°-100°C- Temperature  accuracy 0,1°C by PELTIER elements
        • reactor for ninhydrine reaction; temperature range 50°-150° C
        • Micro Photometer, maintenance free; wavelength 570 nm,440 nm
      • Eluent Rack EluBox
        • Contains 6 bottles; each 500 ml volume
        • With or without inert gas system available
        • Active degassing system
        • 2 YEAR warranty
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