AZURA GPC Cleanup System 10

System Layout

  • 16 sample loops with each 1 ml A5329-2 or 5 ml A5329-1
  • 16 outlets of fraction collection
  • GPC tubing guide sorts sample loops and outlet tubings of fraction collection
  • Pump with pressure sensor (maximum flow rate of 10 ml/min)
  • UV Detector with variable wavelength
  • Electrical and manual Valves for controlling the flow path
  • 10 inch touch screen with Mobile Control Chrom directly at the system

In accordance with established methods to determine pesticide residues:

  • Method 984.21 – AOAC international
  • SW-846 Method 3640A – US Environmental Protection Agency
  • AEN 12393 and EN 1528 – European Standard
  • L 00.00-34 Method in accordance with §64 LFGB (formerly § 35 LMBG)
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