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Unique Features

Reliability, control, safety, savings.

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Quality, Reliability & Safety

Meeting the demands of research and industry.

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3 Year Warranty

Best-in-business protection.

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Energy & Water Efficiency

Lower your up-front and ongoing costs.

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60 – 150L Autoclave


Not only do they easily accommodate the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors, they’re also excellent for waste processing, especially in large batches (pop the lid and drop in the bag, just like a trash can).

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Biomaster Safety

All external panels have Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces, providing a second line of defense against cross contamination. Biomaster surface coatings have been tested in thousands of applications, and are proven to reduce microbial contamination (including bacteria, mold, and mildew).

Biomaster is the recognized industry leader in inorganic silver-based antimicrobials. Each of their surface treatments is individually formulated and independently tested for safety, longevity, and durability. Biomaster coatings don’t leach, can’t be washed off, and remain effective for the life of the product. Priorclave is the only manufacturer to offer lifetime protection with Biomaster Protected® Antimicrobial Surfaces.

100 – 400L Autoclave


The best option available for research, education, and quality assurance facilities. A cylindrical chamber is better suited to high pressure micro-environments, requires less reinforcement and insulation, and suffers less wear and tear over the life of the autoclave. Each of our front-loading autoclaves is entirely custom built to your specifications, in terms of temperature and pressure levels as well as chamber size.

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Cylindrical Chamber (Up to 400 Liters)

Pressure vessels, by nature, are round. The rectangular chambers found in medical-grade units require significant reinforcement to maintain the integrity of the vessel, so they’re larger in size and cost from the start. Autoclaves with cylindrical chambers are smaller in footprint, simpler in design, and more natural when it comes to heating and cooling. They’re tough to overstuff and afford better steam circulation with no cold corners.

Simplicity Ensures Reliability

By embracing simple, time-tested design principles, Priorclave has contained costs while increasing performance and reliability.  A simple design minimizes the number of moving parts, valves, and heating coils, and minimizes the number of operations these components perform during each cycle. This in turn both minimizes and simplifies maintenance.  

Not only do Priorclave autoclaves have a longer maintenance cycle than similar sterilizers, but those maintenance outages are much shorter (usually taking half to one-quarter as long as similar maintenance on comparable autoclaves). Additionally, many technical issues can be resolved over the phone or by email, and most regular preventative maintenance can be performed by the end user. Anyone can learn to maintain a Priorclave–and we are ready and eager to prepare you to do so, with minimal muss and fuss.

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40 – 60L Autoclave


You can be small of stature without being a pip-squeak or pushover. Priorclave’s benchtop autoclaves pack the performance and quality construction of a full-size, freestanding industrial autoclave into a footprint that fits any workspace. A quality research-grade benchtop autoclave offers all the flexibility, ease-of-use, and reliability that a small lab needs. Our compact tabletop units offer plug-n-play simplicity but come with fully featured programmable control systems. They are perfect for media prep, liquid, and waste loads. A great fit for shared facilities and education.

Tactrol® Custom Control

The programmable Tactrol Control System makes it easy for users to create precise custom cycles without sacrificing “one-button Start” simplicity. Program cycles on the fly or in advance. Tactrol supports multiple levels of user access, with options for separate lab tech and intern/student programs. Program modifications can be keyswitch or password protected.  

Researchers especially appreciate Tactrol’s Delayed Start and Media Warming features. Growth media can be prepared overnight and kept ready-to-pour when you arrive the next morning–without risk of thermal degradation, caramelizing high glucose media, or boil-overs.

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Hinged Door with Solid Silicone Gasket – No Sliding Door

We keep our autoclaves simple to avoid problems that can cause downtime in your lab. For example, our swinging doors with solid silicone gaskets create a seal between the chamber and door through compression when the door is closed by the operator. The gaskets last for years with little maintenance, and they’re quick and inexpensive to replace (we include one in your spares kit).

The sliding door design associated with medical-grade autoclaves depends on external steam or air to inflate a pneumatic gasket and form the door seal. It’s expensive and time consuming to replace the gasket, which can be necessary once or twice per year. 

150 – 320L Autoclave


Every Priorclave pass-through autoclave is entirely custom built to your laboratory specifications. Because our sterilizer units are all built-to-suit, we can accommodate an almost unlimited number of design considerations specific to your applications and facility: chamber size, steam source, wall thickness, door swing, stainless steel loading shelves and doors, and so on. If you purchase vacuum options, the sterilizer is capable of both pre-vacuum and pulsed freesteaming cycles. Autoclave chambers can range from 150 liters to 700 liters in volume, depending on the requirements of your laboratory. Our pass-through autoclaves are front loading, and have round and rectangular chambers.