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Agilent Price Smash Guarantee

  • 20% Less Than Agilent
  • Free 2-Year Warranty Upgrade
  • Consider KNAUER today! 

We guarantee to smash any Agilent system quote by 20% or more.

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With our Price Match Program, choosing KNAUER over Agilent provides German quality, unbeatable value and a free 2-year warranty upgrade.

What You Get

20% Off (or more) : Enjoy unbeatable prices when you choose GMI for your KNAUER systems.

Free 2-Year Warranty Upgrade: Experience added peace of mind with our complimentary 2-year warranty upgrade.

Can’t Smash? $250 Discount: If we can’t smash the quote by 20%, you receive a $250 discount towards your next GMI purchase.

GMI Blue KNAUER logo 1400x304 - KNAUER Price Match Guarantee
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How It Works

Submit Your Quote: Share your Agilent quote for a similar system.

We Smash It: We’ll beat the quote by 20% or more.

Free Warranty Upgrade: Enjoy a complimentary 2-year warranty upgrade.

$250 Discount: If we can’t match, get a $250 discount on your next GMI purchase.


Terms and Conditions

  • The offer must be current and directly from Agilent.
  • The Price Match Guarantee is only applicable before the purchase is made.
  • GMI reserves the right to refuse a price match if the terms are not met.

Contact Us

Have a lower price in mind or questions about our Price Match Guarantee? Contact our sales team at [email protected] or call us at (763) 712-8717.

Trust GMI for quality, value, and the assurance that you’re getting the best deal on laboratory equipment.

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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