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✓ Re-certified by GMI Engineers – averaging over 22 years of experience

✓ Options to fit any application or budget

✓ Includes full warranty and proof of performance

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Wide selection of re-certified Eppendorf centrifuges

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Thermal Cyclers

The best post-sale service and support

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The BioFlo 320 combines form and function in one state-of-the-art package

Shop the Eppendorf BioFlo 320
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The sales rep had good information about various brands and assured us that GMI has all parts on-hand for whenever something has to be fixed in the future.  The 10+ year old centrifuge we purchased looks and runs like new!

Anna Simeon / Google
GMI was a very professional business to work for. Shipping was quick and easy. Technical support was quick to respond. I would highly recommend GMI for all your laboratory equipment needs.
Chad Lake / Google
I have been a GMI customer for several years and I have always had great experiences with them. GMI has a knowledgeable staff and their customer support is very responsive. Our GMI service technician is one of the best out there and I couldn’t be happier.
Brian Deis / Google