Climate Chambers

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Regulate temperature, humidity, air composition (CO2 or O2), or light intensity. 

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Stainless Steel

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Touch Screen Control Panel

HPPeco - Climate Chambers

Constant Climate Chambers (HPPeco)

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HCP - Climate Chambers

Humidity Test Chambers (HCP)

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ICH - Climate Chambers

Stability Chambers (ICH)

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CTC - Climate Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers (CTC)

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Memmert ControlCOCKPIT 417x400 1 - Climate Chambers

Touch, Turn & Go

Memmert’s unique ControlCOCKPIT blends the best of user interface design by combining a vibrant graphical interface with touch activation and tactile control knob for intuitive and straightforward operation.

Memmert Stainless Steel Interior 417x400 1 - Climate Chambers

Stainless Steel

For many years exterior textured stainless steel has been the unmistakable feature of Memmert climate chambers. Memmert equipment exemplifies functional design in its most elegant and hygienic form, while still being scratch resistant, robust and durable.

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