Labculture® Class II Type B2 Biosafety Esco LB2-4B2-E


  • Add your content…Long life air supply ULPA filter creates an ISO Class 3 work zone.
  • Expert Airflow Design for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Angled supply filter matches cabinet profile to achieve best down-flow uniformity.
  • Raised airflow grille maintains safety by preventing blockage.
  • Negative pressure plenum surrounds contaminated plenum and work zone.
  • Advanced DC ECM blower provides stable downflow, despite voltage fluctuation and increased filter loading.
  • Lab and operator safety are ensured via combining a pressure switch, which rapidly provides safe response to change in exhaust flow, with airflow sensors that continuously monitor and display the airflow.
  • Easily turn on exhaust blower and remotely monitor cabinet safety.


  • Ergonomically angled front improves reach and prevents ceiling lamp reflection.
  • Larger work area with smaller footprint: Work area on Esco 3 foot cabinet is equivalent to work area on larger 4 foot conventional cabinets.
  • Easier to clean due to coved one-piece work surface which contains spillage and angled drain pan with smooth polished corners.
  • Centered and angled down display and control pad that’s ADA-compliant.
  • Ultimate ease to start and shut down both the cabinet AND exhaust blower, by simply moving the sash window to proper position.
  • ADA-compliant.
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