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For Sale Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/ Sharp 4060E Rotary Micro - Inquire for Price (GMI has New and Used Instrumentation)
Microtomes arrow Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/ Sharp 4060E Rotary Micro

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/ Sharp 4060E Rotary Micro

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/ Sharp 4060E Rotary Micro

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  • Motor Driven Cutting Stroke
  • Precision-engineered microtome
  • Debris protector shields internal mechanisms
  • Powerful cross roller bearing guideways
  • Fine advance feed ranges
  • PARA/Gard section waste tray
Product Description

The TBS SHUR/Sharp 4060 E Rotary Microtome at GMI. A Heavy duty biological or industrial microtome.Use this microtome to section paraffin or plastic embedded specimens or industrial materials. The SHUR/Sharp 4060 has all of the features of the SHUR/Sharp 4055 plus specimen retraction. When rotating the fine advance handwheel- the specimen passes the knife-edge routinely; however- during the upstroke the specimen arm is mechanically retracted to prevent potentially damaging contact with the knife-edge.

This also reduces the accumulation of debris on the back edge of the knife and prolongs the sharpness of the cutting surface. Additional features include a counter for the number of rotations of the fine advance hand wheel- and an Autotrim feature that accelerates trimming and reduces repetitive motions. It provides three pre-set positions for controlled coarse advance of 10- 20 and 30um.

Items included with the SHUR/Sharp 4060Emicrotome are the same as with the SHUR/Sharp 4055.

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/ Sharp 4060 Rotary Microtome Specifications

Selection Thickness Range 0.5um increments from 0.5um to 2.0um
1.0um increments from 2.0um to 10um
2.0um increments from 10um to 20um
5.0um increments from 20um to 60um
Fine Advance Manual Control
Coarse Advance Manual Control
Temp Range Temp. range 20C to 50C
Automatic Retraction 80um- Steps 10um/20um/30um
Motor Driven Cutting Stroke Yes
External LxWxH inch 18 x18 x11
Power Supply 115VAC- 60Hz- 77W- 220/ Switch 220V
Weight 144 Ilbs

Triangle Biomedical Sciences Triangle Biomedical Sciences TBSSS4060E