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Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/Mount Coverslipper

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/Mount Coverslipper

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  • Maintain uncompromised morphology and antigenicity
  • Save on exposure- use and disposal of reagents
  • Obtain superior sectioning characteristics
  • Dramatically reduce processing time
  • Lower operating costs
Product Description

GMI is proud to offer the SHUR/Mount Coverslipper. The SHUR/Mount is the worlds leading glass coverslipping machine for histology and cytology. The Meisei RCM-3660 Robotic Coverslipping Machine (formerly distributed by Hacker Instruments) and the new SHUR/Mount are now exclusively represented by TBS under the trademark SHUR/Mount.

The SHUR/Mount Coverslip offers an array of feature. The Proven Technology Combined with New Features Utilizing proven pressure-bending technology to minimize air bubbles. SHUR/Mount has the capacity of applying 400 high quality glass coverslips per hour.

The coverslipping speed is adjustable so the unit accommodates all types of applications. The dispenser has also been redesigned to ensure consistent- bubble-free dispensing of media at the new higher speeds. The new design also automatically stores the dispenser tip in xylene to prevent the needle from drying out. In terms of Simplicity and Versatility SHUR/Mount is compatible with most types of commercially available mounting media. In addition- the new media bottle attachment allows most mounting media containers to be simply screwed in place. The amount of media dispensed is easily and accurately controlled by the intuitive keypad interface. The unit accepts both xylene and d-limonene based substitutes. SHUR/Mount is also compatible with most staining machines on the market to eliminate double handling of slide specimens.

Safety First Fumes are controlled through the standard ventilation system or the optional charcoal filter system. The optional charcoal filter is ideal for labs with limited ventilation.Standard Accessories SHUR/Mount comes standard with three 20 capacity slide baskets (other slide basket sizes optional)- three slide collection racks- a basket container & insert- and two reusable coverglass hoppers. The unit accepts coverslip sizes of 24 x (40/ 50/ 55/ and 60) mm. TBSs SHUR/Mount Mounting Media. The SHUR/Mount Mounting Media was specifically designed for use in automated coverslippers. It provides consistent bubble-free results that will not yellow with age.

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) SHUR/Mount Coverslipper Specifications

Throughput (hr) 400 (8.5-14 sec/slide) 7 adjustable speeds
Glass Slide size / thickness (mm) 76 x 26 / 0.9 - 1.2 (polished edge)
Coverglass size / thickness (mm) 24 x (40- 50- 55- 60) / 0.12 - 0.17 (No.1)
Coverslipping Method Pressure bending
Mounting Medium Compatible w/clearant- vis 80-800 CP
Mounting Medium/slide (ml) 0.04 - 0.2 (adjustable)
Mounting Medium/slide (ml) 0.04 - 0.2 (adjustable)
Medium Dispensing Method One drop or a line (adjustable)
Mounting Medium Capacity (ml) 100 and 500
Coverglass capacity (ea) 200
Glass slide capacity (ea) 60
Slide Storing after Coverslipping 20 / Rack (3 rack capacity)
Fume Extraction Exhaust fan (Optional charcoal/hydrocatalytic filtration)
WxDxH inch (Product) 20 x 21 x 25
Weight Shipping 176 Ilbs
Electrical 115 VAC- 50/60Hz- 3 Amps

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