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For Sale Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) Floatation Work Station (Bath) - Inquire for Price (GMI has New and Used Instrumentation)
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Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) Floatation Work Station (Bath)

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) Floatation Work Station (Bath)

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  • Magnetic non contact switch
  • Histo/Orientator
  • Convection dry slider
  • Removable dry dish
  • Heat Resitant Plastic Housing
  • Fluorescent White Lighting
  • Flat membrane switch
  • Microprocessor controlled cooling
Product Description

Introducing the TBS Flotation Work Station (water bath) at GMI. Equip you lab with a TBS Flotation Workstation and make your tissue preparation easier- safer and more efficient.

Imagine- the practicality of a removable glass dish. A scratch and chemical resistant plastic housing- microprocessor controlled electronics and a high contrast background for optimum specimen viewing combined with the convenience of a HISTO/Orientator for flattening sections and a slide dryer all in one compact unit.

For those flotation bath applications not requiring the added convenience of a slide dryer or HISTO/Orientator- the basic TBS flotation bath provides all the functional designs of the Flotation Workstation at an affordable price.

Features of this device include a Magnetic non-contact switch functions providing years of flawless use. A 2 x 2 inch Histo/ Orientator for eliminating wrinkles. A 2 x 5 inch convection slide dryer. Removable Glass Dish for Easy Cleaning. The Heat-Resistant Plastic Housing Maintains Cosmetic Appearance. Fluorescent White Lighting- Positioned for Improved Tissue Viewing without Glare. Flat Membrane Switches for Safety and Simplicity and Microprocessor-Controlled Heating- amb. to 65 C.

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) Floatation Work Station (Bath) Specifications

Bath 42 C
Orientator 42 C
Dryer 55 C
Max Temperature 60 C
Dimmensions H x W x D
Unit H x W x D inch 5.25 x 14 x 18
Electrical 120V (+/- 10 percent) AC 50/60 Hz
Weight (Actual/Shipping) 10.35/ 15 Ilbs

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