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Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) ADP-120 Lab Microwave

  • Maintain uncompromised morphology and antigenicity
  • Save on exposure- use and disposal of reagents
  • Obtain superior sectioning characteristics
  • Dramatically reduce processing time
  • Lower operating costs
Product Description

The TBS SHUR/Wave Laboratory Microwave SW-120 from Triangle Biomedical Sciences is specifically designed for fixation and processing of tissue samples. The SHUR/Wave can also be used for specimen stabilization and hardening. Performing epitope retrieval and accelerating decalcification and staining. It has numerous built-in safety devices that protect the operator as well as the specimen and instrument. It is also extremely user friendly and even provides prompts that minimize operator error.

The SHUR/Wave SW-120 has a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that allows at least 30 programs- each with up to 12 steps to be optimized stored and run. The Proportional Integral- Differential (PID) Controller monitors the temperature and works in conjunction with the PLC to assure that the production of microwaves is proportioned to maintain the temperature within your guidelines.

Biopsy specimens can be fixed in 10 minutes and processed in 15 minutes.Larger specimens require only 55 minutes for complete fixation and 48 minutes to 2 hours for processing- depending on the thickness of the specimen.Routine specimens can be rapidly fixed to provide the necessary protection before processing or when lymph node detection is important during gross dissection.Decalcification of bone marrow biopsies can be done in as little as 3 to 10 minutes- depending on the choice of solution. Decalcification time for large specimens can be dramatically reduced by hours or days.

Triangle Biomedical Systems (TBS) ADP-120 Lab Microwave Specifications

Bio Specimens Fixed in 10 mins Processed in 15 mins
Large Specimens 55 mins fixation/ 48min-2hr processing
Routine Specimins Rapid Fix
Decalcication Bone Marrow 3-10 mins
LxWxH inch (instrument) 17x20x20
LxWxH inch (chamber) 13x12x7
Weight 180 Ilbs

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