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Tosoh AIA-600 Immunoassay Analyzer

  • Throughput of 60 assays per hour
  • Runs up to 10 assays on a single patient sample
  • Responsive bi-directional interface
  • Quick calibration curve reporting protocols
  • Low maintenance instrument for prolonged uptime

Product Description

The Tosoh AIA-600 Immunoassay Analyzer delivers highly reliable and accurate immunoassay testing results in every use. Capable of performing single assays or preparing completer patient profiles, the AIA-600 analyzer handles a range of assays including thyroid hormone, cardiac markers, tumor markers, reproductive hormones, anemia, TDM’s and additional assays.

Any combination of tests can be carried out at any time with the AIA-600 analyzer. This Tosoh model performs up to 60 assays per hour, running up to 10 assays on a single patient sample with a volume range of 10-125 µL. Uninterrupted sample processing is possible with the AIA 600, making adding reagent cups and other specimens during runs easier. Carry-over is also eliminated with the system’s sample probe. Other features include automode option for walk-away operation, and built-in level sensors for short sampling elimination.

The AIA-600’s bi-directional interface facilitates dynamic download and upload capability. Its manual entry option also allows users to key in or download patient identification. Designed for rapid reporting and ease of use, the Tosoh AIA-600 Immunoassay analyser system enhances lab efficiency and offers minimal maintenance for high uptime.

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Tosoh AIA-600 Immunoassay Analyzer Specifications

Tosoh AIA-600
Throughput 60 assays per hour
Sample Volume 10-125 µL
Assay Menu thyroid hormones
reproductive hormones
cardiac markers
TDM's and other assays

Tosoh Tosoh AIA 600