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Thomas Wiley Laboratory Mill Model 4

  • Completely enclosed moving parts
  • Shearing action feature
  • Specially formulated knives, steel hopper and sieves
  • Versatile jar chute and beaker chute
  • Continuous duty drive unit motor

Product Description

The Thomas Model 4 Wiley® Mill is especially designed to maximize productivity, and minimize maintenance loss. Equipped with the proven Thomas Scientific shearing action, the Model 4 mills can be used for a wide variety of grinding applications. The steel-cutting edges on the knives also allow milling of a wider range of materials, including plastics.

The Model 4’s grinding chamber is equipped with the right tools to satisfy any grinding procedure. The knives have specially formulated, stainless steel inlaid edges for durability and optimal cutting. The steel hopper attached on top of the grinding chamber also has an enameled exterior finish with a sliding plate at the base to show the hopper controls feeding rate.

The Thomas Model 4 Wiley® Mill features a versatile jar chute threaded to take standard Mason glass jars, up to 2 qt. (1.8 L) capacity. The jars permit observation of the finished product, as well as storage of samples. The beaker chute comes without a spout, and spring-loaded runners hold it securely against the adapter plate to prevent sample loss. Part of its rugged design, the Model 4 drive unit motor is a continuous duty, enclosed ball-bearing type, equipped with thermal overload cutout and needing no lubrication for years. Its safety switch prevents operation when the chamber is open.

The Thomas Model 4 Wiley® Mill is provided with four mounting lugs for bolting to a bench, and includes jar and beaker chutes, three sieves (1/2, 1 and 2 mm), one stainless steel beaker (1527C25), three 1 pint (0.47 L) glass jars (6176B12), set of wrenches, one grease gun and 1 lb. (0.45 kg) of grease.

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Thomas Wiley Laboratory Mill Model 4 Specifications

Model 4 Wiley®
Rotor Speed 800 rpm at 60 Hz or 667 rpm at 50 Hz
Sample Volume 50 to 1,000 g
Milling Chamber Diameter 7 3/4 in, 141 cu. in
Sample Input 2 1/4 in
Hopper Dimensions 4 1/2 top internal diameter
2 1/4 throat internal diameter
8 1/2 depth
Clearance Below Chute 140 mm
Jar Chute Capacity Up to 1.8 L standard Mason glass jars
Beaker Chute Dimensions 105 mm depth
146 mm deep
Beaker Chute Capacity 1,200 mL stainless steel beakers
Overall Width 15 inch
Overall Diameter 24 inch
Overall Height 28 inch
Shipping Weight 371 lbs
Net Weight 301 lbs
Power Requirements 8.4 amps on 115 V, 4.2 amps on 230 V

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