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Thermo Scientific Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra GC

  • Analysis in 1-2 minutes reducing cycle time by a factor of 35 with SSL inlet and FID detector
  • Offers the most appropriate solution in a highly reliable manner
  • Small devices or full-size options make TRACE GC Ultra your evolving platform.
  • unique characteristics add flexibility and ease of use to your daily work!
  • Unequaled Stability
Product Description

GMI has a Thermo Scientific Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra GC with single FID. Thermo is built around the recognized quality reliability and ruggedness. The TRACE GC means: Ultra performance reliability and usability make this a must-have GC for any analytical laboratory. Automated features result in a tremendous increase in sample throughput with analyses performed up to 30 times faster than before without compromises in precision.

The Thermo Scientific Trace GC is not 'just another GC'. The ability to provide the most appropriate solution in a highly reliable manner and to provide this is an easy manner makes the Trace GC stand out from the competition.

In addition to featuring a complete list of highly technological injectors Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra can provide any solution in the simplest and most straightforward way. Powerful synergy with specific accessories can drastically transform the system add value and improve performance. The combination of highly reproducible fast oven capability and state of the art pneumatics produces unparrellel stability.

Ultra in Sensitivity
You can inject up to 250 μL with Large Volume On-column injection and up to 250 μL with Solvent Split PTV (Programmable Temperature Vaporizing). And now for the very first time you can also increase the sensitivity of the market’s most popular injector by more than 50 times at no additional cost learning curve or method revalidation.

Take advantage of Large Volume Splitless Thermo’s patented breakthrough injection technique. A wide array of highly sensitive detectors complete the offering. And you can change them in minutes or configure them for simultaneous detection to get the most out of your analyses.

Ultra in System Automation
TRACE GC Ultra offers both low or high throughput capacity: whichever the technique is just a matter of choice in line with your budget requirements. With ChromQuest or Chrom-Card data systems direct control and acquisition Local Area Networking (LAN) interfacing or remote control and diagnostics are moved beyond lab walls. A further improvement in efficiency and sample flow productivity.

Learn how TRACE GC Ultra sets new standards in sample automation. Ultra in Quality Assurance A complete validation package addresses even the most stringent prerequisite stipulated by highly regulated environments. Both hardware and software performance can be routinely certified

Thermo Scientific Finnigan TRACE GC Ultra GC Specifications

Column Oven
Programmability 7 ramps/ 8 Plateaus
Temperature Range amb - 450 C
Heat up 50-450 C in 420 sec
Cool Down 450-50 C in 250 sec
Sub Ambient N2 -99C
Sub Ambient CO2 -55C
Vaporizing Injectors  
SSL Packed Purged Packed Temp Range 50- 400C
B.E.S.T PTV heat up Heating rate of 14.5C/sec
B.E.S.T PTV Programmibiliy 3 ramps 4 plateaus
Cool Down 450-50 C in 250 sec
Length 72 inch
Width 48 inch
Height 50 inch
Weight 800 Ilbs

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