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Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES Tissue Processor

  • Daily Operations Mode for routine operation
  • Systematic logging and reporting of quality control data, event records, and program information
  • Automatic in-process reagent rotation — no manual handling of reagents
  • Three distinct fill levels in chamber to shorten processing times
  • Ten customized programs and five flush options
  • Seven password-protected areas
  • Easy-to-read screens with colorful graphics; multilingual

Product Description

The Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES (Shandon Excelsior ES) is an economical, walk-away tissue processor. Featuring superior processing quality and cost-effective operation, the Excelsior ES is easily one of the most affordable advanced, traditional reagent instruments available today.

The Shandon Excelsior ES tissue processor uses proven technology to meet the most challenging tissue processing applications. With a unique reagent monitoring and management system, the Excelsior ES delivers significant reagent cost savings. The processor also carries a reagent preheating option that allows for a more consistent and rapid processing.

The Excelsior ES processor is constructed to achieve better workflow and results. Built with a circular design, the tissue processing system has greater temperature uniformity which is achieved as continuous agitation circulates reagents freely around specimens. Baskets are also designed for maximum reagent infiltration around specimens by preventing cassette bunching. Additionally, the glass lid allows viewing during processing.

Operator and specimen safety is ensured with the Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES tissue processor. The system features a built-in downdraft ventilation that minimizes operator exposure to hazardous vapors when the reaction chamber lid is open. With a battery backup, the processor provides specimen protection by safely completing the transfer of reagents during power interruptions.

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Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES Tissue Processor Specifications

Reagent rotation Automatic
Fill levels in chamber 3
Monitor Back-lit LCD
Languages English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Swedish
Weight 246.5 lbs. (112 kg)
Depth 20.5” (52 cm)
Width 26.5” (67 cm)
Height 63” (160 cm)
Components Organized basket (six supplied, No. A78410025) to process 222 cassettes; Random basket (No. A78410021) to process up to 300 cassettes; Basket lid (organized and random, No. A78420056); Formaldehyde (Potassium Permanganate) filter (No. 9990612); Charcoal vapor filter (No. 9990610); Water flush bottle and cap (No. A78420039) and two each 5L storage bottles; Waste wax drawer assembly (with two drawers, two lids, and a cover); Monitor (No. A78410091); Operator guide (No. A78410120, specify language), service record book (No. A78410106), and screen information card (No. A7841013); Spatula (No. P09046); Wax fill chute (No. A78430265); Wax waste liners (No. AP14747, pack of 20); 19mm A/F spanner wrench (No. A78430308); Line conditioner (No. 61120-03R)
Certifications Designed to meet IEC 61010, CSA, UL, and CE Mark (IVDD compliant)

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