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Thermo Nicolet NEXUS 670 FTIR

  • 0.125 cm-1 spectral resolution
  • Spectral Range: 350-7800-1
  • Resolution: 0.09 cm -1
  • AutoTune
  • Automated continuously variable aperture
  • Dual Detector Access Hatch
Product Description

Thermo Nicolet NEXUS 670 FTIR Mainframe

Key Features

  • High resolution FTIR system with multiple spectral ranges including mid-IR, near-IR, far-IR and UV-Visible
  • Rapid scanning for fast kinetics
  • Accepts Smart Accessories Ready & accepts PIKE sample holders
  • Infrared microscopy

Advanced data collection including:

  • Linear-scan dual-channel (IRRAS, VCD, VLD)
  • Step-scan amplitude modulation (emission)
  • Step-scan phase modulation (photoacoustic depth profiling)
  • Step-scan sample modulation (polymer stretching)
  • Step-scan time-resolved spectroscopy
  • Step-scan imaging

The optics are fully optimized and computer controlled for ease of use. Changing spectral range is as easy as removing an optical component and placing the new one into its position. The software automatically updates ranges sensitivity and parameters. Includes OMNIC software computer monitor and all documentation.  Basic Operator Training at GMI Training Center available.

Original purchase price was $42000.00 on this unit !
$ call for quotation – IN STOCK -

For 19 years GMI has removed 100% of the risk in ‘buying used’ laboratory equipment. Each refurbished FTIR spectrophotometer instrument ships with ‘proof of performance’ documentation and ships with an iron-clad warranty.

Software capable of :

Data collection, manipulation, and processing packages

  • Preview data collection
  • Search of commercial libraries and the creation and management of usergenerated libraries with the advanced library manager
  • QC Compare for raw materials quality control
  • Basic quantitative analysis tools
  • GLP-ready electronic Report Notebook

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