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Storm 860 Molecular Imager

  • Large format imaging systems for filmless imaging
  • Direct fluorescence for rapid and accurate quantification
  • Includes ImageQuant software for data analysis
Product Description

Storm 860 Molecular Imager Gel and Blot Imaging System offers filmless autoradiography fluorescence and chemifluorescence imaging.

Storm 860 Molecular Imager Gel and Blot Imaging System delivers proven PhosphorImager capability for autoradiography direct fluorescence for nucleic acid and protein gel analysis and chemifluorescence for fast blot analysis. Storm uses storage phosphor screens instead of film to deliver high-resolution imaging and accurate quantification of 14C 3H 125I 32P 33P 35S and other sources of ionizing radiation. The Storm 860 Molecular Imager?s wide exposure range and accurate signal quantification yield publication-quality images on the first exposure. Storage phosphor screens are reusable and are not degraded by repeated exposure to laboratory levels of radioactivity. To reuse simply expose a screen to the extra-bright light of ImageEraser light box (included with Storm systems). With direct fluorescence the Storm 860 Molecular Imager enables visualization and analysis of nucleic acid and protein gels just minutes after electrophoresis is complete. Gels are soaked in dye solution and then placed in the scanner for analysis. Molecules labelled with Cy5 can also be directly detected.

For chemifluorescence-based methods the Storm 860 Molecular Imager reads blots in minutes without exposure to film. Quantification is simplified because unlike film Storm exhibits a linear response to fluorescent signal intensities.

Storm 860 Molecular Imager scans gels blots or mounted and unmounted storage phosphor screens up to 35 _ 43 cm. All Storm systems come with ImageQuant TL.

The STORM 860 phosphorimager/fluorimager has three image detection modes

  • Phosphor Screen Mode
  • Red/Blue Fluorescence
  • Chemifluorescence

You can use screens for 14C 32P 33P 35S and 1251; and 3H sensitive screens can also be purchased.

The Storm 860 Molecular Imager is also a two-color (blue and red excitation) fluorescence imager which opens up many new possibilities for quantitative analyses:

  • Quantitative westerns by chemifluorescence
  • Nonradioactive gel mobility shift experiments in which two different species can both be separately detected and quantified.
  • Fluorescent dyes for quantitative versions of coomassie staining

Software provided with the Storm 860 Molecular Imager

  • ImageQuant software (so you can analyze your data back in your own lab)

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