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SRI 8610C (GC) Gas Chromatograph

SRI 8610C (GC) Gas Chromatograph

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  • Mounts up to Six Detectors and Five Injectors
  • Ambient to 400 C Temperature Programmable Column Oven
  • Implement virtually any EPA or ASTM method
  • Select form a possible 12 injectors
  • Small enough for carry on luggage
Product Description

The SRI 8610C GC can mount up to an astonishing six detectors easily accommodating your FID FPD PID and ECD needs. Up to a possible five injectors facilitate all your Split/ Split-less Purge and Trap needs.

As if these benefits were not enough the 8610 Gas Chromatograph from SRI remains small enough to ship or even check in to your airline baggage. Its small footprint allows it to fit into any crowded laboratory and can be easily shipped for service.

 8160 GC from SRI With SRIconfigurability is not compromised by support. There are sixteen detector choices and 12 injectors to choose from. Contact our highly trained sales or service team to assist you in configuring a system for your specific needs.

The SRI 8610C unit has a column oven with a programmable temperature range of ambient through to 400 C. There are no restrictions in ramps and a fast cool down feature is available. The air bath can hold a mega bore column cage up to 7 inches in diameter. Alternatively multiple columns with smaller coil sizes may also be used.

SRI has designed this system to be configurable with almost any EPA or ASTM method.

SRI 8160c GC Detector System Selector and Software

TCD: Gas Chromatography with Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) This configuration on the SRI 8610 GC system is uses for the analysis of gases or simple mixture. Oxygen nitrogen water and other non hydrocarbons respond well with detection limits in the 100ppm range. The SRI 8610 GC eliminates TCD burn out with its filament protection. FID: Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Configuring the SRI 8160 GC for FID will allow hydrocarbon detection down to 1 nanogram and respond linearly over a majority of its range. Hydrocarbons ionize in the hydrogen gas flame and are attracted to ta metal collector electrode. Ceramic ignitor glows permanently to prevent flameouts and re0ignites with the flame is flooded with water. TCD/FID: Combination TCD and FID Detectors If the TCD and FID are connected in series on the SRI 8610 GC you may perform two analyses of the same sample at once. Software

SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph Specifications

Detectors 6
Inlets 5
Width 19 inch
Height 13.5 inch
Depth 14.5 inch
Detector Combined FID/TCD
Temp range 25 to 400°C
Temp control programmable up to 15 ramp and dwell times
Stability ±0.1°C
Heating rate 50°C per minute to 300°C; 20°C per minute from 300 to 400°C
Cooling rate 300 to 50°C in 5 minutes
Gas flow control electronic pressure control
Power 115V 50/60 Hz