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Shandon Citadel Tissue Processor

  • Simple-to-use, handheld touch key controller
  • 60-cassette capacity (Citadel 1000)/ 110-cassette capacity (Citadel 2000)
  • Memory storage of up to four complete programs
  • Ten reagent containers and two wax baths
  • Random and organized baskets available
  • Tissue baskets load and unload easily with hanger clips in the unit's hood

Shandon Citadel Series

Product Description

The Thermo Scientific Shandon Citadel series is a low-cost, reliable, time-tested carousel-type tissue processor with convenient touch key operation. The series include the Shandon Citadel 1000 tissue processor and the Shandon Citadel 2000 tissue processor. Fitting in most standard fume hoods, the Citadel 1000 Tissue Processor has a capacity of 60 cassettes with organized baskets, while the Citadel 2000 holds 2000 cassettes with organized baskets.

Both the Citadel 1000 and Citadel 2000 allow reagent stations to be easily removed from the unit for replenishing, and their loading station protects the tissue basket from air as the baskets are raised. The Thermo Scientific tissue processors also have a delayed-start feature that may be programmed up to nine days in advance, as well as a hand-held touch key controller for easy operation. The Citadel processor system memory can also store up to four complete programs.

The Citadel 1000 and Citadel 2000 systems are compatible with the Thermo Scientific Shandon Hyperclean 2 Work Station, and have an optional vacuum unit to facilitate efficient and rapid wax infiltration of specimens.

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Shandon Citadel Tissue Processor Specifications

Citadel 1000 Citadel 2000
Capacity 60 cassettes 110 cassettes
General Indoor use only
Operating Temperature +5°C to +40°C
Temperature –25°C to +55°C (+70°C for short exposure) (transit/storage)
Humidity 80% max. for temperatures 50% max. for temperatures 31° to 40°C (non-condensing environment)
Altitude Up to 6,500 feet (2000m)
Pollution Degree 2
Over Voltage Category II

Shandon Shandon WS-CITADEL