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Savant SpeedVac System AES 2010 Concentrator

Savant SpeedVac System AES 2010 Concentrator

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  • Easy-to-attach condensation flask
  • Scrolling feature
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Teflon-coated deep concentration chamber
  • Accommodates large sample sizes
  • Corrosion resistant vapor path

Product Description

The Savant AES 2010 SpeedVac® system is a reliable laboratory concentrator system. An easy-to-connect condensation flask allows this model to effortlessly dispose of used solvents.

Savant AES 2010 Highlights

The improved user interface of AES SpeedVac systems comes with a scrolling feature that simplifies and hastens programming. AES 2010 concentrators are equipped with an automatic bleeder valve that protects samples from bumps and other laboratory accidents.

Users can choose from a low, medium or high drying rate to suit procedure needs and to optimize the concentrating and drying processes. The AES 2010 SpeedVac concentrator can also accommodate large sample sizes through its Teflon-coated deep concentration chamber. This coating protects the chamber from harsh solvents to prolong instrument life. The oil-free Teflon coated pump reduces maintenance time, eliminating oil change procedures as well as oil-related waste disposal difficulties. A corrosion-resistant vapour path also helps extend the operating life of AES 2010 units by increasing protection from solvents.

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Savant SpeedVac System AES 2010 Concentrator Specifications

Volume Range/ Tube 0.4 to 500 ml
Maximum Capacity 200 x 1.5 ml
Run/ Radient Time 5 mins – 9 hrs and 55 mins
W x L x H (inches) 31 x 27 x 19
Weight (lbs) 83
Power 220 VAC/ 60Hz – 8A

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