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Concentrators arrow Savant SpeedVac DNA 110 & DNA 120 Concentrator

Savant SpeedVac DNA 110 & DNA 120 Concentrator

Savant SpeedVac DNA 110 & DNA 120 Concentrator

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  • Corrosion resistant
  • Equipped with an oil free vacuum pump
  • Integrated and compact design
  • Three available drying rate options
  • Optional post-trap assembly

Savant SpeedVac DNA Series

Product Description

Thermo Savant DNA SpeedVac® Systems offer fast and efficient solutions in processing DNA/RNA samples. Thermo Savant offers two high performing DNA SpeedVac® systems to increase productivity of laboratories.

Savant DNA 110 SpeedVac® Concentrator

DNA 110 SpeedVac® concentrators are designed with an integrated miniature design to save bench space, making it ideal for laboratories with a limited working area. Researchers and laboratory personnel will appreciate the quiet operation of this concentrator when working on complex and critical experiments that require utmost concentration.

The DNA 110 system is equipped with an automatic pump and rotor control. This model also provides three drying rate options which aid in optimizing evaporation procedures. Operators can use a 24 or 36 microcentrifuge tube rotor to meet strict laboratory requirements. Rotors with larger capacities are available for 0.5ml tubes.

Savant DNA 120 SpeedVac® Concentrator

The DNA 120 SpeedVac® concentrator is a robust system for technical DNA/RNA drying needs. Small-volume samples can be efficiently processed by this model. As a successor of the DNA 110 SpeedVac® concentrator, DNA 120 units are equipped with the same features and a couple of innovations. Dual digital timers that allow for the independent controlling of heat and run times were added to DNA 120 concentrators. This model is the fully programmable version of the DNA 110 SpeedVac® concentrator system.

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Savant SpeedVac DNA 110 & DNA 120 Concentrator Specifications

DNA 110 DNA 120
Chamber Temperature Ambient -43˚C or
65˚C with over-temperature safety shut-off
Rotor Spin Speed 50 Hz – 1300 RPM (typical no rotor)
60 Hz – 1600 RPM (typical no rotor
Concentrator Volume 5 mins. – 9 hrs 55 mins.
Concentrator Capacity 39 – 72 tubes 2 shallow-well microplates
Pump Displacement Teflon® diaphragm pump
40 l/min @ 60 Hz
32 l/min @ 50 Hz
Max. Vacuum < 10 torr
H x W x D 33 x 63 x 29 (in.)
Weight 86 lbs. (39 kg)
Power Requirements 230 VAC/ 50Hz, 5A
Max Tube Capacity 48 x 0.5 ml 72 x 0.5 ml
Rotor RD 24 RD 36
Applications Aqueous

Savant Savant BC-SDNA110