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Savant SC250DDA Concentrator System

  • High Speed with Low K-Factors
  • Compact and Personal
  • Quiet Operation
  • Versatile Performance
  • Easy to of Use
Product Description

The Savant SC250DDA Concentrator System is the equipment of choice for use in combinatorial drug discovery due to its outstanding solvent compatibility. It is the heart of the new SpeedVac ®  DDA product line. The compact design combined with the proven Thermo controller offers fast- reliable batch processing.

The heavy-duty universal rotor can accommodate carriers holding various tube and vial rotor blocks in addition to 96 well plates. It is capable of operating in an industrial environment requiring round-the-clock non-stop operation with minimal upkeep.

The Savant SC250DDA incorporates the following features:
- TEFLON and TEFLON- coated Vapor Path for superior chemical resistance and durability
- Heavy-duty Universal Rotor for improved durability and reliability
- Enlarged Vacuum Port accelerates the evaporative process and reduces overall run times
- 3 Different Heating Surfaces - chamber- radiant side lamps and radiant cover
- Unique Dual-valve Manifold protects samples from foreign matter contamination while minimizing maintenance.
- Dual Digital Vacuum Gauges for simultaneous monitoring of the drying process and the system vacuum status

Savant SC250DDA Concentrator System Specifications

Bleeder Valve Dual Auto
Temperature Settings Off- 45 to 80C- in 5C increments
Standard Cover Heated glass
Infrared Chamber Lamps 4
W x D x H inch 318 x 25 x 18 (in)-
Weight 127 Ilbs

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