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Savant Discovery SpeedVac ®

  • The standard rotor to be matched up to the Discovery SpeedVac Concentrator System
  • Complete set has twenty-four places for accepting swing out carriers (one- two or five shelf carriers sold separately)
  • Easy stacking design can be installed or removed in minutes for rapid rotor changeover.
  • Chemically resistant anodized surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
Product Description

The Savant Discovery SpeedVac DSR6 is the standard rotor to be matched up to the Discovery SpeedVac Concentrator System. Each position holds a single carrier which has been standardized to match the footprint of a microtiter plate. The stacking design makes it easy to remove and exchange with other rotor sets for minimal down time and maximum flexibility.

The Discover SpeedVac is a high capacity- high throughput centrifuge concentrator designed for combinatorial chemistry and its associated solvents. High quality components handle aggressive solvents such as TFA- Acetonitrile- DMSO- Methanol and Methylene Chloride. Interchangeable multi-level rotors can hold up to 120 shallow well microtiter plates or whole test tube racks in a single run. The compact design allows the complete unit to fit inside a conventional walk-in fume hood without modifications. A built-in 100 L/min oil-free- maintenance-free vacuum pump and a 7.5L capacity cold trap make it a complete- stand-alone system with "plug-in and use" convenience.

The UPC5SR-6 Carrier set for attachment to the DSR6 Discovery SpeedVac Rotor allows the use of up to five shallow-well microtiter plates per carrier. The complete set of six allows a whole level to be used with these plates for a total of thirty plates. A complete rotor set will accommodate 120 plates for an entire run.

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