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Concentrators arrow Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator

Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator

Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator

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  • Fully automated bleeder valve
  • Inert glass cover with radiant energy source
  • Oil-free Teflon coated vacuum pump
  • Ultra low temperature vapor trap with CFC free refrigerant
  • Equipped with dual timers
  • Select from three drying rates

Product Description

The Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® concentrator is a high performing instrument that provides solutions for complex laboratory needs. This model uses a patented VaporNet technology to deliver a high level of solvent recovery and system reliability. A fully automated bleeder valve ensures product safety with the AES 1010. Users can choose from a wide selection of rotors and accessories to increase reliability of results and productivity inside the laboratory.

Added Product Features

Each AES 1010 unit is fitted with an inert glass cover. The radiant energy source of this cover accelerates drying rate. Dual timers are also integrated in the instrument to control both drying time and drying rate. Users can take advantage of a corrosion resistant vapour path for hassle-free operation and extended equipment life.

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Savant AES 1010 SpeedVac® Concentrator Specifications

Weight (lbs) 152
Width 25 in.
Depth 26 in.
Height 15 in.

Savant Savant AES1010