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Roche Hitachi Cobas Mira Plus Analyzer

Roche Hitachi Cobas Mira Plus Analyzer

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  • 104 programmed test options
  • Photometric colorimetric optical system
  • Makes use of end point and kinetic assay methods
  • Capable of direct sampling

Product Description

Cobas Mira systems from Roche have been instrumental in the field of clinical chemistry. These random access analyzers operate with a throughput of up to 215 assays per hour. Integrating the X-Y-Z technology, Mira systems allow for the convenient handling of sample racks.

An advanced Cobas Mira system, the Roche Cobas Mira Plus CC analyzer was introduced in the 90’s and is designed to meet stringent laboratory needs. An automated cuvette changer (CC) fitted in each benchtop analyzer system allows unsupervised system function. Laboratory operators can load each unit with up to 312 cuvettes at a time. This benchtop model is also highly capable of pipetting from bar coded primary tubes.

CC units are fully programmable instruments that offer hassle-free and flexible operation. This model boasts of a random-access testing feature and a broad test menu which includes STAT capability.

Equipped with an extensive range of chemistry testing features, the Cobas Mira line of analyzers remains dependable and continues to set standards in chemistry performance. The Roche Cobas Miras analyzers combine convenience with innovative features and a new level of safety for routine profiles.

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Roche Hitachi Cobas Mira Plus Analyzer Specifications

System Principle Random access test selective analysis
System Throughput tests/hr Up to 132 and 204 with ISE module
Sample Capacity Up to 90
Reagent Capacity Up to 43 with ISE module
Cuvette Capacity 72 on Cobras Mira Plus
Width 29 in
Depth 23 in
Height 26 in
Weight 180 lbs

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