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Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer

  • 46 programmable tests available
  • Assay types include monochromatic, bi-chromatic, endpoint and kinetic
  • Intuitive software with contest-sensitive help
  • No adapters needed
  • Equipped with interchangeable reagents, calibrators and controls
  • Offers access to patient results through computerized system.
  • Automated sample handling

Product Description

The Roche Hitachi 912 chemistry analyzer is a fully automated system, offering high-quality performance in every use. This clinical chemistry workhorse system was designed to meet various laboratory demands ranging from small to medium workloads. Instrument operators can expect to conveniently obtain reliable results with the Hitachi 912 computerized system.

Users can flawlessly perform various laboratory procedures with the Roche Hitachi 912 including standard and special clinical chemistries, homogeneous immunoassays and STAT analyses. This model can also store up to 35 tests on board including 3 Ion-Selective Electrodes (ISE), and perform 360 tests per hour or up to 720 tests with an optional ISE.

GMI offers installation and training on instrument handling for every Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer shipped to laboratory facilities.

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Roche Hitachi 912 Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Method Capacity  
Programmable Chemistries 68
Parameter Files 46
Methods On-board 32 plus 3 ISEs
Reagent Bottle Sizes 20, 50, 100 ml
Operator Interaction Touch-screen
Online Software Storage Capacity 10,000 patient results
5,000 QC tests
Consolidated Sample Types Serum
Spinal Fluid
Bar-coded Reagents Automatic reagent registration
Automatic bottle changeover
Automatic calibration tracking
Random reagent replacement
Sample Volume per Test 3 – 50 µl
Reagent Dispense Volume 25 – 350 ml
Total reaction vol. per test 250 – 500 ml

Roche Roche WS-ROCHE912