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Roche Hitachi 717 Chemistry Analyzer

Roche Hitachi 717 Chemistry Analyzer

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  • Fully Automated and Discrete
  • Intended for in vitro quantitative and qualitative determinations
  • Instrument is capable of performing potentiometric and photometric assays
  • Refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers
  • Over 80 test menus.
Product Description

The Hitachi 717 Chemistry Analyzer from Roche Diagnostics is a sophisticated, top-performing clinical chemistry workhorse equipment for small to mid-range workload laboratories. Engineered for consistent and precise potentiometric and photometric assays, this powerful system ensures speed, reliability and flexibility in sample analysis in routine/general chemistries, drugs of abuse, and special chemistry applications.

This chemistry analyzer is also highly efficient in delivering in-vitro quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis, positive sample ID, in-process quality control analysis, and non-linear data-reduction for diverse clinical laboratories and healthcare centers.

This Chemistry Analyzer by Roche Diagnostics is fully automated and equipped with refrigerated storage for 64 reagent containers with multi-tray programming, 35 on-line tests, and packaging of over 80 test menus.

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