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Return Policy

In the event of a return, the customer needs GMI approval and a completed return authorization form (RMA). Return of said items MUST occur in original packaging. Any item that is rejected by a customer or returned for any reason other than defective is subject up to a 50% restocking fee. This fee is dependent on the dollar amount of the items that were ordered. They are as follows:
  • Orders less than $1000 constitute a 15% restocking charge
  • Orders between $1000 and $25,000 constitute a 33% restocking charge
  • Brand new products and orders that are over $25,000 constitute a 50% restocking fee.

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer returning the product. A return must occur within 14 days of receipt by the buyer along with an accompanying RMA affixed to original packaging. After 14 days the item is non-returnable. Items sent back “blind” without an accompanying RMA will be rejected and returned to the customer. Items sent back in substandard packaging or that have received damage will be rejected at GMI. GMI is not responsible for customer packaging negligence or carrier inflicted damage for any returned item. The customer will be billed for repair of item(s) damaged during return. Any applicable sales taxes, tariffs or fees are not included in this pricing and shall be charged in addition to named prices if applicable. ‘Net’ payment terms commence the day the item(s) are delivered.