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Randox RX Monza Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • Three assay modes available
  • 128 programmable tests and 8 long life filters
  • Temperature control
  • Semi-automatic wash system
  • Superior built-in QC software with storage of up to 1000 patient results

Product Description

Developed as part of the versatile Randox RX Series, the RX Monza is a high-performance, space-saving semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer. This Randox unit is ideal for low-volume testing in laboratories, providing only the most reliable results at a competitive cost per test.

The RX Monza Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is designed with smooth operation in mind. The software’s intuitive controls and step-by-step onboard instructions ensure straightforward testing, with minimal training requirements. High quality results are also provided on the first test, minimizing repeats and unnecessary additional costs. Additionally, the RX Monza analyzer offers the widest test menu on the market for enhanced versatility.

The compact benchtop design of this Randox chemistry analyzer enables it to run flow cell mode or cuvette mode that guarantees a maximum number of chemistries can be performed on one system. Moreover, the analyzer has low maintenance requirements, reduced sample volume and an automatic lamp monitoring for longer light life, saving laboratory and sampling costs.

The superior QC capabilities of the Randox RX Monza is unlike any other analyzer. The model provides automatic storage of up to 1000 patient results, as well as automatic generation of Levey-Jennings Charts in a vast range of calibration types.

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Randox RX Monza Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Calibration Multipoint calibration curves for up to 12 calibrators using up to three replicates
Recalibration by 1-point or 2-point correction
Stores the last three calibration curves for each assay
QC Tri-level quality controls
Automatic calculation of mean, SD and %CV
Stores the last three calibration curves for each assay
Automatic daily and monthly Levey-Jennings charts
QC data is password protected
Reports Report by sample, patient ID, test or date
Real-time reaction curves
Stores up to 1,000 test results
Automation Automatic zeroing by water blank
Alarms, notices and context-specific help
Automatic anomalies flagging
Semi-automatic wash system
Automatic sleep mode to extend life of halogen tungsten lamp
Sample Types Serum, plasma, urine, whole blood, wines and foods
Cuvettes 30-ul quartz flow cell, external square cuvettes for two-shot assays, semi-micro cuvettes for coagulation assays
Peltier-controlled reaction temperature 20 ? 40C in steps of 1C with an accuracy of 0.2C
Aspiration Long-life high-precision aspiration system aspirates solution into the flow cell then the waste container Carry-over less than 1% for 500 ul
Detection Direct monochromatic or bichromatic absorbance in flow cell or external cuvette (for two-shot assays)
8 wavelengths (340, 415, 510, 546, 578, 600, 660 and 700 nm) selected by filter wheel plus vacant position for additional optional wavelength
Display Large backlit flip-up LCD display capable of displaying 31-point Levey-Jennings charts, 12-point calibration curves and real-time reaction curves
Printer Integral 80mm thermal printer
Optional external printer via USB connection
Interfaces RS-232 unidirectional port, two USB ports, parallel port

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