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Randox RX Daytona Chemistry Analyzer

  • Barcode identification of both samples and reagents
  • Capable of running colorimetric and UV methods
  • STAT sample interrupt function
  • User-friendly Windows® software
  • Extensive user-defined onboard QC package
  • Low water consumption
  • Reusable Pyrex cuvettes
  • Lowest service requirements in its class
  • Rental Return
  • Excellent condition, current software with PC, printer

Product Description

Developed as part of the versatile Randox RX Series, the RX Daytona™ is a compact fully automated benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer perfect for small to medium throughput laboratories. The machine can also be used as a secondary analyzer in high volume laboratories. Flexible and efficient, the RX Daytona™ saves time, effort and costs with the largest test menu of reagents on the market.

The RX Daytona™ offers pre-programmed settings and walk away automation. The system calculates remaining reagent volume and number of tests available, as well as barcode identification for both samples and reagents to save time. A truly cost-efficient and high productivity instrument, the RX Daytona™ delivers 180 photometric tests and 270 ISE tests per hour with low water consumption and the minimal reagent volume required per test.

The Randox RX Daytona™ analyzer was designed for streamlined operation with an easy-to-use software for simplistic and intuitive processing. Results are immediate with minimal training requirements. Additionally, the separate reagent and sample probes, the three-speed rotating stirrers, serum indices, and the onboard micropipettes offer highly accurate testing.

Other features of the Daytona™ also include automatic generation of Levey Jennings charts, running mean values and QC statistics. This analyzer is a built-in inventory management system with a storage capacity of 100,000 test results including 10,000 patient results and data for up to 30 controls.

The RX Daytona™ carries a variety of settings for applications including clinical chemistry laboratories, R&D facilities, food/wine testing, veterinary clinics and forensic toxicology.

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Randox RX Daytona Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Analyzer Type Bench-top fully automated random access clinical analyzer
Test Channels 43 channels (40 photometric channels, 3 IDEs)
Throughput Up to 450 tests per hour (180 photometric and up to 270 ISEs)
Software Logical, easy-to-use Windows-XP operating system. Full quality control software for easy QC monitoring Bidirectional LIS/LIMS RS-232C interface. RX-tra is a specialized interface software that sits strategically between the RX Daytona™ and the laboratory information system dedicated to managing laboratory test performance and communication to the LIMS.
Samples 40 position for routine, STAT and QC samples. Barcode identification, pre-dilution facility and automatic re-assay
Sample Pipette Micro-pipette with liquid level detector
Reagents 40 reagent positions (20ml, 50ml & 100ml bottles) Barcode identification of reagents, calculation of remaining reagent volume and tests available
Stirring System Variable speed
Cuvettes 45 reusable cuvettes (reaction volume 180ul min, 500ul max)
Detection Direct absorbance in cuvette (Mono or bi-chromatic) Filters for 340, 415, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700nm
ISE Unit Integrated direct ISE unit for sodium, potassium and chloride
Dimensions & Weight 770 mm x 620 mm x 505 mm 135 kg

Randox Randox WS-RANDDTONA