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Qiagen BioRobot M48 Robotic Workstation

  • High-quality genomic DNA - flexible purification from a wide range of human and forensic samples
  • High-quality RNA - flexible purification of total RNA and direct mRNA
  • High-quality viral DNA and RNA - from up to 400 ul serum or plasma
  • Total nucleic acids - rapid purification from easy-to-lyse tissues and cells
Product Description

The BioRobot M48 workstation from Qiagen provides fully automated nucleic acid purification from a wide range of samples. High-quality nucleic acids are ready for direct use in sensitive downstream assays.   The BioRobot M48 workstation delivers fully automated purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of human and forensic sample types. The innovative design of the workstation means that the pipet tips function as reaction chambers increasing the efficiency of magnetic separation during purification. Up to 48 samples can be processed per run in increments of 6 samples. The pipettor head contains 6 high-precision syringe pumps which operate simultaneously to allow aspiration or dispensing of small volumes of liquid (25-1000 µl) through the disposable filter-tips. The pipettor head is also equipped with a tip guard which helps to ensure cross-contamination-free pipetting. In addition the BioRobot M48 workstation uses UV light to decontaminate surfaces between runs

The Qiagen BioRobot M48 is designed for magnetic particle based sample preparation. The BioRobot M48 uses a patented technology to perform magnetic separation but can also perform simple liquid handling tasks like mixing aspiration dispensing etc. The Qiagen BioRobot M48 uses a linear array of syringes (the Nozzle Head or Syringe Head) to treat 6 samples simultaneously. The instrument has the capacity to treat 6 - 48 samples per run. The Nozzle Head moves along the X Y and Z-axes to perform reagent dispensing as well as the nucleic acid extraction.

  • Accessories: A wide range of accessories are available: for example reagent holders sample plates sample racks tip racks cooling and heating blocks etc.
  • Preparation processes: A dispensing head with 6 syringes treats all preparation processes including sample and reagent dispensing as well as magnetic particle separation.
  • Precision pipetting system: High precision syringe pumps allow small-volume liquid handling. Syringe pumps are operated simultaneously.
  • Pipetting range: Specially designed tips handle 25 ul to 1000 ul volumes with high precision.
  • Liquid delivery precision and accuracy: Volumes 25 ul Accuracy 50 ul Accuracy
  • Samples per batch: 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 or 48 samples can be treated per run.
  • Throughput: 48 samples /1.6-4.0 hours depending on protocol.
  • Heating/cooling units: For temperature control the BioRobot M48 has 2 Peltier heating/cooling units laid out on a nozzle movement area (the Work Platform) Temperature range from 4C to 90C monitored by PC. The 6 x 8 tube racks are used in the heating and cooling units for incubation elution and storage.
  • Reagent loading: The BioRobot M48 holds up to 6 Reagent containers (small) and 4 Reagent containers (Large) for up to 48 tests per run.
  • Sample loading: Samples are placed in 4 Sample racks each of which can hold 12 samples.
  • Sample preparation steps: For ambient temperature step a Sample Preparation Plate which has 6 x 7 wells is used. Up to 8 plates can be used. 1 x 7 wells are used for one sample preparation.

Power source: The BioRobot M48 can be adapted for voltages from 100 to 250V +/-10%. By changing the fuse box orientation BioRobot M48 has two fuses to allow a wide voltage range: 250V/10A for AC115V and 250V/5A for AC230V. AC100-120V and 200-240V +/-10%. 470A and 50/60Hz. The BioRobot M48 must be on a separate grounded circuit since other electrical devices on the same circuit may cause Voltage fluctuation (line noise).

Qiagen BioRobot M48 Robotic Workstation Specifications

Power Consumption: 470VA
Size (mm) 1070W x 600D x 875H
Weight 130 Kg
Installation site Flat stable surface with no direct sunight / vibration
Altitude 2000 m maximum
Temperature 15 to 30C.
Humidity (Max) 80% up-to 30C.
Pollution Degree 2

Qiagen Qiagen WS-QIAGENM48