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Qiagen BioRobot 8000

  • Sequencing cloning genotyping and amplification
  • Gene expression analysis including real-time RT-PCR and microarray technologies
  • Proteomics research including micro- to medium-scale purification screening and interaction studies
  • Sample rearray replication normalization and cherry picking
Product Description

The BioRobot 8000 from Qiagen provides walkaway purification of nucleic acids and proteins plus reaction setup. Proven QIAGEN chemistries enable purification of plasmid DNA from E. coli genomic DNA from swabs RNA from tissues and cells 6xHis-tagged proteins from bacterial and insect cell cultures as well as purification of DNA from amplification reactions.

Innovative instrument features such as the high-speed dispensing system deliver precision liquid handling and short run times. Automated vacuum processing eliminates centrifugation steps saving hands-on time and ensuring an efficient streamlined workflow.

Upgrade packages for new applications provide increased flexibility allowing you to adapt the BioRobot 8000to new or changing research needs.

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