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PerSeptive BioSystems BioCAD Vision Workstation

  • Fully integrated purification and analysis
  • Automatic tasks include buffer blending and column switching
  • Entire system controlled through VISION software
  • Different chemistries screening for selectivity optimization
  • Built-in COBRA autosampler/collector
  • Accelerated methods development

Product Description

The PerSeptive BioSystems BioCAD Vision Workstation is equipped with an addition of a built-in autosampler which acts as a fraction collector. An optional SCOUT column selector fitted into the system enhances the system’s ability to elaborate automation lengths. The SCOUT module enables users to screen up to eight different surface chemistries to determine the effect of selectivity on a separation.

The autosampler/collector accessory known as the COBRA or CAVRO allows the following:

  • Combination of automated sampling and fraction collection functionality in one compact unit
  • Accommodation of multiple applications through a broad selection of collection vessels from microtiter plates to 50 mL centrifuge tubes

The COBRA robotic sample handling system can also be utilized as an independent sampler or collector. As a fully-featured fraction collector, the system offers a broad selection of collection vessels available for racks with 96-well microtiter plates and up to 50 mL centrifuge tubes. One strong feature of the COBRA system is the board analysis software allowing automated preparative and analytical methods to be seamlessly linked. This feature is responsible for the collection and subsequent analysis of fractions generated during purification processes.

The PerSeptive BioSystems VISION Workstation was built upon the unique software programming capabilities introduced on the BioCAD Workstation, now the industry standard for purification methods development. The entire chromatographic system, including the integrated AFC 2000 Robotic Sample Handling Device, can be manipulated through the VISION software. Tasks such as Buffer blending, column switching can be accomplished automatically, eliminating the need to program modules independently.

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