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Perkin Elmer Wallac 1420 Victor2 Microplate Reader

Perkin Elmer Wallac 1420 Victor2 Microplate Reader

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  • Measures Fluorescence, Luminescence, and Absorbance
  • Performs fill, empty and flush operations
  • Operates as a stand-alone reader or with input/output stackers and bottom reading optics
  • Equipped with scanning, shaking and kinetics modules

Product Description

The Perkin Elmer Wallac 1420 VICTOR2™ is a high performing microplate reader built for multi-tasking functions. This instrument is designed to answer the strict requirements of biotechnology, industrial and academic laboratories. Users can take advantage of multiple assay technologies fitted in the Wallac 1420 VICTOR2™ microplate reader.

As the successor of the Wallac VICTOR Multilabel reader, the VICTOR2™ reader is capable of accessing more than ten counting modes at a given time. This enhancement covers all main non-radioactive counting technologies. Fill, empty and flush operations can be performed through the use of supplementary injectors. Microtitration plates with between 1 and 864 wells can be used for this model. Petri dishes, slides, filters and Terasaki plates are also accepted by VICTOR2™ microplate readers.

The Perkin Elmer VICTOR2™ reader is a top of the line bench top unit and is fully functional as a stand-alone instrument or with additional input and output stackers as well as bottom reading optics. Injectors for fluorescence and flash luminescence are optional upgrades to boost productivity. Other helpful enhancements include dispenser modules, temperature controls, bottom reading and high density reading.

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Perkin Elmer Wallac 1420 Victor2 Microplate Reader Specifications

Fluorescence Range
  • 340 – 850 nm
  • Dual ratio measurements
  • Top down readings fluorescence
Luminescence features
  • Glow luminescence
  • Flush luminescence with injector only
  • Dual luminescence
Absorption Filters in an 8 place filter wheel Installed 405, 450 nm filters or custom
Fluorescence Filters are installed in an 8 place filter wheel and interchangeable slide mechanism
Excitation Filters Installed in an 8 place filter wheel 355, 485nm or custom
Emission Filters installed in 8 position filter slide or custom 460, 535 nm or your choice
Microplate formats 1 – 1536 wells
Shaking Features Linear, orbital, double orbital
Fluorometry Standards  
Fluorescein < 2 fmol/well
Linearity > 5 decades
Crosstalk < 0.0001
Umbelliferone < 200 fmol/well
Rhodamine < 100 fmol/well
Measuring Range @ 405 nm 0 – 2A
Accuracy @ 405 nm < 2% or (0.01A)
Precision @ 405 nm < 0.5% or (0.01A)
Luminometry Standards  
Lower Limit of Detection < total flux of 105 photons/sec
ALP Typically 1 amol/well with AMPPD substrate
ATP Typically 80 amol/well in flash assays
Luciferase 0.9 pg/well using Genglow-100 or GeneLux

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