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Packard RIASTAR Gamma Counter

  • 5, 10 or 20 well multi well gamma counter with multi channel analyzer technology
  • Automatic self calibration
  • Automatic RIA processing
  • Monitor- Printer- Software and Manuals Included
Product Description

Packards Riastar gamma counting systems are usually available in different detector versions such as 5- 10- and 20. Packard Riastar- 20 well gamma counter is a compact and powerful device that features simple operation. It provides high sample processing throughput and total quality assurance demanded by today's clinical laboratories. This gamma counting system- with multi channel analyzer technology- features individual user RiaCards.

Automatic self calibration and automatic RIA processing are the remarkable features of the Packard Riastar- 20 well gamma counter. Best of all- the device comes equipped with software disks- manuals- monitor- and printer.

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