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Packard Cobra Gamma Counter Series

Packard Cobra Gamma Counter Series

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  • Available in four models
  • Fully automatic- cassette driven system
  • Fast throughput rates
  • Stat capability

Packard Cobra Series

Product Description

The Packard Cobra II Gamma Counter is considered one of GMI's core instruments. This series is available in single, five or ten detector configurations. All Cobra Gamma Counter models can count 12x75 mm RIA tubes, 16x100mm and a variety of smaller micro-tubes using an available adapter. (Please contact our expert technical team if you require assistance.)

All Cobra systems include an LCD display for output, Dot Matrix Printer, tube racks, protocol ID tags and operation manuals. Specific calculations include calibration curve display-, linear-, polynomial regression-, log-, logit-, 4 PL-, auto spline-, manual spline- and cubic spline curve fitting algorithms.

The single detector model is available in 2 inch or 3 inch crystal configurations for research grade capabilities. The system can accommodate tubes from 12mm up to 16mm. GMI has the Packard Cobra series in the following models:

  • Packard Cobra Model 5002
  • Packard Cobra Model 5003
  • Packard Cobra Model 5005
  • Packard Cobra Model 5010

Our GMI certified guarantee ensures that all products meet manufacturer’s original specifications. GMI is the smart choice for all your new and used laboratory instrumentation needs.

Packard Cobra Model 5002

This versatile model is ideal for both research and routine laboratory applications. System specifications include single 2 inch sodium iodide (NaI) through-hole detector, a 2000 KeV energy range and 750 sample capacity. The system includes a new LCD Display, Epson printer and test tube cassettes. An optional instrument cart is also available. Packard Cobra 5002 systems are GMI certified which ensures that original manufacturer specifications including detector efficiency and crystal resolution are maintained.

Packard Cobra Model 5003

The Cobra II model 5003 is a true research-grade Gamma Counter. System specifications include a single 3-inch NaI through-hole crystal detector, a 2000 KeV energy range and 750 sample capacity. This system is ideal for counting low-level activity and higher energy isotopes.

Packard Cobra Model 5005

The Cobra II 5005 is a multi-detector system with five 1.5 inch NaI through-hole detectors with an energy range of up to 1000 KeV. Having the capability to count five samples at a time, the 5005 is a suitable model for laboratories with high throughput requirements.

Packard Cobra Model 5010

The Cobra II model 5010 is a 10-detector system which provides the highest throughput available. This model is capable of automatically counting up to 1000 RIA tubes. High capacity systems including the model 5010 are ideal for use in large reference laboratories or research labs that count large batches of short-lived isotopes like PET facilities.

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Packard Cobra Gamma Counter Series Specifications

Cobra 5002 Cobra 5003 Cobra 5005 Cobra 5010
Test Tube Size
(Sample Specifications)
Up to 16 mm x 106 mm Up to 14 mm x 106 mm
Power 100-130/200-260 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
(Temperature Regulation)
Automated gamma counter
Interface protocols
(Data Processing)
RS232C, optional second RS232C, Ethernet LAN adapter
Stat Capability (Plasma Sample) Yes
Yield/hr 120 250 : 500
Warm-Up Time
(Test Tube)
Continuous power
Dimensions of Display
(H x W x D)
71.1 cm x 68.6 cm x 81.3 cm
(28 in. x 27 in. x 32 in.)
WEIGHT, kg (lb) (DISPLAY) 181.4 kg (400 lbs) 226.8 kg (500 lbs) 181.4 kg (400 lbs) 181.4 kg (400 lbs)
Detector (Scattered Light)
Characteristics (Image Storage) Through-hole
Efficiency, %
(Gas Trap)
Detector Shield thickness 51 mm 76 mm 18 mm 18 mm
Number of Staining Posts 1 5 or 10
Internal Calibration (Protocols) Continuous
Alternatives (Staining Stations) Yes
Display SVGA CRT, printer
Data Processing Integrated 586/133 PC RIA QC system
Reductions (Error) Optional
Algorithms (Detector) Linear, polynomial regression,
loglogit, 4-PL, auto spline,
manual spline, cubic spline
Calibration Curve Display (Detector) Yes
Calibration curve edit (Detector) Yes
User definable (Programs) 60
Energy Windows
Dual-label assay Yes
Preset I-125, Co-57, Co-60, Cr-51,
Se-75, I-131, Fe-59, Na-22
I-125, Co-57, Cr-51
Adjustable (SASH) 15-2,000 keV
Other Attributes (Interference Compensation) RIA-QC data management system; coded assay for special assay protocols;
spectral analyzer, 2" or 3" detector; software for microsphere.
Meets requirements of CE 93 (IEC 61010-1, IEC 801-4, CISPR Pub. 22 class B),
CLIA, CSA, FCC, GLP, GS mark, and TUV. Pac

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