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Nyx Technik Photonyx Advance Gel Documentation System

  • 3 advanced models for imaging
  • Computer Controlled Systems
  • Built in self contained darkroon
  • Options for 3 sizes of transilluminators
Product Description

Photonyx offers three advanced models for all your imaging needs. Starting with the Ultra unit for Fluorescence only applications to the Chemi and Chemi Super 16 models that handle Fluorescence and Chemiluminescence applications. All units are computer controlled to maximize all the camera/lens lighting and darkroom functions. All three units are built in the same self-contained darkroom that include options for 3 sizes of transilluminators.


All are fitted with digital CCD cameras ranging from 1.2 – 5.5 mega pixel with 12 – 16 bit resolution and grayscales of 4096- 65536. The more advanced camera includes ultra peltier cooling.

Filter Selection

Photonyx Chemi comes standard with a manual sliding 3 position filter selector or it can be fitted with an optional computer controlled 7 position filter wheel.

Internal lighting

Here you have a range of options from transmitted to overhead lighting modules. In addition to UV you can also choose to have white light and blue light illumination.


The darkroom is fully microprocessor controlled so that functions such as camera settings lens control (including feedback data) filter selection and lighting can all be set up from a PC. Also user functions like camera exposure neutral fielding dynamic range and darkroom facilities (door lock UV shut off) are also selected from the desktop.

Photonyx Xplore – Image acquisition software

The image capture software was specifically developed to simplify the process of capturing gel images. Every advanced Photonyx system includes this software. It is a fully automatic package which controls camera integration exposure lens and capture options.

Photonyx Xplore Image Acquisition Control Software
  • Full on screen control of darkroom/ camera/lens functions
  • Auto switch off function for UV
  • Real time live image for easy focusing and positioning
  • Automatic exposure control
  • Automatic focus configurations
  • Image Sequence Capture and Display
  • Saturation detection for quantitative applications
  • Image annotation enhancement and manipulation control
  • Image sharpening and smoothing
  • Style control (lines size color fonts)
  • Image cropping feature
  • Export image in range of formats (TIF BMP JPEG. PCX GIF WPG)
  • Direct link to analysis software

Photonyx Xtreme – Advanced analysis software - Optional

Nyx Technik Photonyx Advance Gel Documentation System Software Photonyx Extreme

The Xtreme software can be used with any Photonyx gel doc system. This highly automated software can rapidly analyze a gel from loading to output of results in seconds. With an extensive and flexible array of options you can handle a wide range of media including gels plates films and blots.

  • Mol Weight Colony counting spot blot & band matching
  • Icon driven - with full analysis using 2 buttons in less than 10 seconds
  • Single Window display of all data images and histogram simultaneously
  • Multiple experiments
  • Automatic analysis of multi-layered gels (multiple well lines per gel)
  • Zoom control
  • Automatic track band and edge finding with manual override
  • Automatic detection and correction for distorted tracks and grimaced or curved bands
  • Lane histograms
  • Single band/track data
  • Automatic background correction (multiple methods)
  • Multiple intensity/quantity calibration
  • Molecular weight/base pair Rf quantity determination
  • Ability to perform MW and densitometry on the image at the same time giving one result table for all
  • Automatic/manual MW/Qty assignments
  • Choice of MW propagation styles including the ability to use multiple standards for smiling gel correction
  • Cross gel track profiling (ability to overlay track histograms from different gels)
  • Integral MW calibration library with manual or automatic assignments.
  • Colony counting (with colored colonies)
  • Automatic spot/blot analysis with full distortion detection
  • Image contrast/brightness adjustment
  • User editing of Libraries.
  • Full GLP reporting (gel lane. MW Qty track histogram)
  • Automatic 1D gel Colony counting Slot blot ELISA plate analysis
  • Direct link to Excel and Word
  • Save results in *.CSV format for export
  • Display data in a variety of different ways (curves bar charts pie charts etc)

Nyx Technik Photonyx™ Advance Gel Documentation System Specifications

Photonyx Ultra-Size Chemi-Size Chemi Super 16 Size
UV Transilluminator 20x20cm 20x30cm 25x30cm 20x20cm 20x30cm 25x30cm 20x20cm 20x30cm 25x30cm
Visible Light NovaGlo Optional Optional Included
Blue Light Converter Optional Optional Optional
White epi Included Included Included
Dual UV Optional Optional Optional
Blue Epi Optional Optional Optional
Resolution 1.2 Megapixels 1.4 Megapixels 5.5 Megapixels
Bit Depth 12/16 bit 16 bit 16 bit
Grey Scales 4096-65536 65536 65536
Dynamic Range 3.6/4.8 4.8 4.8
Cooling N/A Peltier Cooling Ultra Peltier Cooling
Ethidium Bromide Included Included Included
SYBR Green Optional Optional Optional
Photonyx Xtreme Optional Optional Optional
Photonyx Xplore Included Included Included
Physical Dimensions
Width 571mm 571mm 571mm
Depth 430mm 430mm 430mm
Height 935mm (625 without Camera Cover) 935mm (625 without Camera Cover) 935mm (625 without Camera Cover)
Weight 39kg 39kg 39kg

Nyx Technik Nyx Technik WS-PHOTNYX