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New Brunswick Innova 4000 & 4080 Benchtop Incubator Shaker

New Brunswick Innova 4000 & 4080 Benchtop Incubator Shaker

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  • Rigid temperature and agitation control
  • Large-capacity, high temperature
  • Added safety features
  • Interchangeable accessory platforms
  • Optional manifold gassing

INNOVA 4000 Series

Product Description

The New Brunswick INNOVA 4000 Series are benchtop gyratory incubator shakers. Offering rigid control of temperature and agitation, the large-capacity INNOVA 4000 shaker is capable of culturing a wide array of organisms in test tubes and flasks up to 2.8 L.

The INNOVA series offers a wide temperature range. The INNOVA Model 4000 provides uniform temperature control in a range up to 60°C, while the high-temperature INNOVA 4080 incubator shaker increases the range to 80°C for added hybridization, adding capabilities for various molecular biology techniques, including hybridization studies, plasmid preps, DNA fingerprinting and more. The optional factory-installed cooling coil is also available for operating at sub-ambient conditions.

The INNOVA 4000 was designed with safety and ease of use in mind. The system includes an automatic cut-out feature of the shaker when the lid is opened to protect the operator. A fail-safe thermostat also turns off heat if temperature high limit is exceeded to protect cultures, and the hydraulic arm eases lid opening and closing.

Equipped with a large capacity blower and tightly constructed chamber, the INNOVA 4000 series incubator shaker has a self-correcting microprocessor feedback control which instantly compensates for changes in temperature. Another superior feature of the INNOVA 4000 include the interchangeable, large-capacity accessory platforms, 18" x 18" (46 x 46 cm) that accept gel trays, culture tubes and flasks to 2.8 L.

Additionally, the Quick Change Platform is available to snap platforms in place without tools, and the 5-Port Gassing Manifold enables direct gassing into flasks for anaerobic.

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New Brunswick Innova 4000 & 4080 Benchtop Incubator Shaker Specifications

Platform Size 18 x 18
Maximum Capacity (250 ml Flasks on Universal Platform) 18
Capacity & Largest Flask Size on Universal Platform 5 x 2L
Orbit Diameter (in) 0.75
Temperature Range (C°) A +5 to 60 A +5 to 80
Digital Display Yes
Agitation 25 to 500 rpm
Type/Application Benchtop
Gassing Manifold Optional
Overall dimensions
W x D x H (in)
21 x 27.5 x 19.75
Weight (lbs) 115

New Brunswick New Brunswick INOVA4000-4080